Jungle Baxia in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang possesses a unique combination of survivability and utility which allows him to be one of the most effective picks in the position.

Like all tank junglers, his innate durability allows him to lead a solid frontline and control objectives. But what sets him apart from other meta-heroes is his insane mobility.

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Thanks to his unique attributes and abilities, he can easily invade enemy camps to deny buffs. Likewise, this allows him to put immense pressure on the lanes, for he’s always ready to gank.

If you’re looking to master the Mystic Tortoise, then this ONE Esports hero guide is made precisely for you.

Baxia’s skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Passive – Baxia Mark

Baxia activates the Baxia Mark permanently, reducing the final damage received by a certain number. Each time his skills hit an enemy, it will reduce their Shield and HP Regen by a percentage for a duration.

  • Baxia Mark can stack multiplicatively with his Life Drain unique passive, so buy Dominance Ice to increase its passive effects.
  • This makes jungle Baxia a pain to deal with because the longer the fight goes, the more he can reduce the enemy’s shield and HP regen.
  • This allows jungle Baxia to get the matchup advantage versus other tank junglers.

First skill Baxia-Shield Unity

Baxia retracts himself into his shield and accelerates forward for a couple of seconds. When hitting an enemy unit, he will deal Magic Damage to it and nearby enemies, stunning the target for a quick duration and slightly knocking other enemies back.

During the process of accelerating forward, use this skill again to launch Baxia upward to cross obstacles and enemy minions. When leaping up, if there is an enemy hero under Baxia, he will strike down this hero, dealing Magic Damage to this hero and nearby enemies, stunning the hit target for one second, and slightly knocking other enemies back.

  • This ability is what separates jungle Baxia from other tank junglers because it allows him to rapidly go from one side of the map to another, undeterred.
  • Use the mobility advantage this skill provides to steal enemy camps early and rotate to other lanes to set up ganks.
  • Be careful in choosing who to bump. Try to go for the squishy damage dealers in the backlines to send them reeling.

Second skill – Skill of Spirit

Baxia throws his shield forward that will disappear upon hitting an enemy hero or creeps, dealing Magic Damage to the target and minions on the path. Meanwhile, it marks them for a few seconds and inflicts slow effects to them for a certain duration.

  • As jungle Baxia, this is your bread-and-butter ability because this will help you clear jungle camps fast and help set your early game.
  • Make sure to target this ability manually so you can hit your targets and take advantage of the cooldown reduction.
  • Aside from being a jungling tool, this skill is also your primary offensive ability when ganking.

Ultimate – Tortoise’s Puissance

Baxia holds his shield to the front and begins sprinting frantically, gaining extra Movement Speed for a duration while leaving a lava path behind.

Enemies on the path will take Magic Damage and be inflicted with percentage Slow effects for a duration over time. For the duration, the Damage Reduction effect from Baxia Mark is increased.

  • This ability allows you to tank insane amounts of damage due to the enhancement of the Baxia Mark passive, enabling your damage dealers to reposition and unleash their damage on the enemy.
  • Activate your ultimate whenever a fight breaks out as its slow effects are pretty useful.
  • The extra mobility you get upon activation will help you gain access to the enemy backlines. Maximize this to break the enemy’s formation.

A comprehensive guide on how to play jungle Baxia in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Bloody Retribution icon
Credit: ONE Esports

For jungle Baxia, the recommended battle spell is Retribution. Now, the question arises: which type of Retribution blessing is most effective for the Mystic Tortoise?

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Considering the hero’s skill set and tendencies, the optimal choice is the Bloody blessing. This particular blessing allows you to siphon off HP from your target over a duration of several seconds, allowing you to deal substantial damage while regenerating your own health.

This gives you a tool to finish off enemies after your combo. Moreover, you can inflict huge DPS to your target, and absorb more incoming damage to protect your allies.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang jungle Baxia emblem set
Credit: ONE Esports

When it comes to assembling talents for Baxia, there are several options, but the most reliable and proven emblem set involves taking Firmness, Seasoned Hunter, and Concussive Blast.

Starting with Firmness, it is an exceptional first-tier talent for jungle Baxia. Its additional Physical and Magic defense greatly enhances his durability, allowing him to dominate the early game and survive the enemy team’s early onslaughts.

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Next up is Seasoned Hunter, which boosts your jungling speed by providing bonus damage when attacking the Lord and Turtle.

Lastly, Concussive Blast adds an additional layer of damage ability to your skills and Basic Attacks. It grants your hero the power to deal HP-based, area-of-effect damage periodically. This is immensely useful for clearing camps, dealing damage during fights, and securing objectives.

Jungle Baxia best build

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang jungle Baxia best build
Credit: ONE Esports

As a jungle Baxia, there are several key items you should prioritize to enhance your utility and durability throughout the game.

After boots, prioritize building Cursed Helmet. Its passive, Burning Soul, will greatly help your camp clearing. After that, get Guardian’s Helmet. The more HP you can work with, the better you can lead your team in the front line, especially in extra long team fights.

These 3 items are absolutely essential for tank junglers in Mobile Legends

Once you have these two items, round out your item build with Physical and Magical defense. Consider acquiring Antique Cuirass or Blade Armor to counter Physical Damage heroes.

Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor will also help improve your survivability against Magic Damage dealers.

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To complete your item build, get Immortality. This item is crucial for a jungle Baxia, especially in extended games when respawn times are longer. By having this item, you’ll have insurance in the late game.

The best build for jungle Baxia in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Blade Armor
  • Radiant Armor
  • Guardian’s Helmet
  • Immortality

Tips and easy combos to learn

On jungle Baxia, make sure to max out your second skill first. You’ll need the damage from this skill to clear camps fast. Make sure to manually cast this ability so you can take advantage of the significantly decreased cooldown upon hit.

In the early game, you’ll have superior mobility advantage over typical junglers. Abuse this by invading their side of the jungle after you finish either your purple or orange buff.

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Make sure to hit level four prior to engaging at the first Turtle. The enemy team will try to rotate and contest, so be wary of their positions. Try to take the aggro, and activate Tortoise’s Puissance when you are targeted by the enemy damage dealers.

In situations when your team is struggling around objectives, use Baxia-Shield Unity to rotate around the pits to get vision. It will take practice, but once you get a hold of the joystick control, you will be able to maneuvere around the map without getting disrupted.

Remember to time your Retribution battle spell well if you see the opportunity to steal objectives.

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