Dapper French sentinel Chamber is one of the smoothest agents in Valorant. With his ability to take aggressive angles and teleport away in an instant, the Gallic weapons expert can easily find his way out of tight situations.

This Chamber teleport lets you instantly rotate from A to B site on Bind, taking advantage of the map’s unique layout and small size. His kit is perfect for quick rotations on defense, so you can be there to back your teammates up.

Chamber teleport location on Bind to rotate instantly from A to B site

Chamber’s Rendezvous anchors have a 30m radius, so they don’t let you teleport between sites on most maps.

However, since Bind is a relatively small map, the A and B sites are just close enough to place an anchor on each site, which means you can reinforce your team on any site in under a second.

During the pre-round phase, place the first anchor in the corner of U-Hall. This will create a radius that just overlaps with B site.

Bind Chamber teleport
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

The next anchor goes in Cubby on B site. You can either teleport back to U-Hall before the round starts, or stay on B to anchor the site.

These teleport locations also ensure that you have some measure of cover when teleporting between sites, and are great angles to hold when opponents execute a fast push.

Above all, this teleport setup allows you to pull off timely rotations, while still maintaining a presence on the other site with your Trademark traps.

You’ll need to communicate clearly with your team and ensure that the enemy hasn’t pushed past your anchors. For example, opponents frequently move to secure U-Hall when pushing onto A site, so it’ll be dangerous for you to teleport back when that happens.

Bind Chamber teleport
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

These teleport locations are similar to how you would lay down Brimstone’s Sky Smokes on Bind. They have a limited range as well, but you can smoke off both A short and Hookah while standing in either U-Hall or B Cubby.

For more tips on how to play Chamber, you can check out our guide here.

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