Fnatic’s Jake “Boaster” Howlett shared some valuable insights on why he believes Brimstone is the best controller agent on Bind.

Fnatic Boaster is one of the top strategists in Valorant today after leading his team at the VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík where they finished second behind Sentinels in the Grand Final.

Fnatic Boaster explains why Brimstone is S-tier on Bind

Fnatic’s team captain and IGL (in-game-leader) said that “Brimstone’s [Incendiary molly] is probably S-tier on Bind, and his [Orbital Strike ultimate] is the best out of all other controls.” 

“Brimstone’s Sky Smokes are good enough,” noted Fnatic Boaster. “Other than his useless Stim Beacon, Brimstone has three pieces of utility that have high-impact on Bind.”

Omen’s utility isn’t on par with Brimstone’s

Omen, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games

Fnatic Boaster then explained why Omen’s agent ability kit is inferior compared to Brimstone’s. 

“Omen has a good flash that might get you a kill, but generally it doesn’t. It will get you a lot of delaying though. It gets you a three-second delay, while Brimstone’s molly lasts for like eight seconds, so you are five seconds behind with the flash, and it’s not as strong,” said Boaster.

The 26-year old pro player also believes that Omen’s Paranoia flash isn’t as good, especially when on the attacker side. “If you already have another agent that can flash, then it doesn’t matter.” 

He continued by dissecting Omen’s Dark Cover smoke, saying, “They aren’t as good as Brimstone’s because you can only put two down at a time, so you can’t smoke off Operator users very well.”

Astra isn’t as active as Brimstone 

Fnatic Boaster rates Astra higher than Omen, stating that “she could be the replacement, but I think Brimstone is a bit better.” He believes Astra’s main weakness is that she becomes inactive when she’s in her Astral Form.

Viper is different from all other controller agents

Viper, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games

Fnatic Boaster doesn’t really classify Viper in the same class as Brimstone, Omen, or Astra as a controller agent. He believes that teams need a Viper and another controller when playing on Bind. 

Viper was not a popular pick in Valorant pro matches early on, but Fnatic Boaster was the first one who came up with Viper plays when he was still with SUMN FC during the First Strike Europe tournament last year.

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