Valorant’s weapons specialist, Chamber, has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, and now you can add one more to his arsenal. As it turns out, this dapper gentleman can fake the distinctive sound of his teleport, so you can catch your opponents by surprise if you time it just right.

This fake teleport is very simple to do and has even worked against former CS:GO Major champion and top-ranked Radiant player in North America, Tarik “tarik” Celik.

In a 1v1 with the enemy Chamber on Split’s A site, tarik knows Chamber is on his teleport close by. He then hears the sound of the Rendezvous activation, so he thinks he repositioned further away. However, the enemy Chamber is still just around the corner, and he’s able to surprise tarik and clutch the round.

How to do Chamber’s fake teleport play using his Rendezvous ability in Valorant

Fake teleport play using Chamber
Credit: Riot Games

First, place the two Rendezvous anchor points on the map. It doesn’t matter where you place them – just make sure they’re behind cover because you’ll be vulnerable to the enemy team if they push you.

To do this play, press “E” (activate) and “F” (recall the Rendezvous) simultaneously. This will trigger Chamber’s teleport sound cue without it activating, so you’ll remain in the same position. Enemy players who hear the teleport will think you moved to the other anchor point.

This works best if your opponents have already seen you, which means they won’t clear the same spot when they hear you teleport back.

This trick works beautifully as well when you use it on the teleporter at Hookah on Bind. Go into the map’s teleporter, then do a fake Rendezvous play.

Opponents will hear you enter the teleporter and then the sound of you teleporting back. They’ll then think the teleport is empty, putting you in an excellent position to surprise them.

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