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Gloo is a tank hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who has a pretty unique skill set.

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Its ultimate, Split Split, which lets you latch onto an enemy to deal damage and redirect your opponent’s movement.

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Since its skills are more viable in a 1v1 situation, and scales really well in the late game, Gloo is often played in the EXP lane.

Some players do use him as a roaming tank, while others have experimented by building magic damage items on him. Truth be told, everything works well on him — but only if you play your cards right.

These MLBB heroes counter Gloo and fare well against it


Gloo is a pain to deal with in the laning phase unless you lock in Alpha. The Blade of Enmity has decent damage in the early game that’s enough to stop the Swamp Spirit from getting ahead.

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Force Swing is also a great skill against Split, Split, because divided Gloos are considered units. One swing will instantaneously heal Alpha, and this alone makes him a huge threat.


When the Swamp Spirit cast its ultimate, expect enemy heroes to disperse immediately. However, this isn’t the case for Alice, for it’s actually beneficial for her to get close.

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This is because her ultimate, Blood Ode, can sap the HP of enemy heroes inside a circle. The more heroes inside Blood Ode, the more healing she receives.

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A good combo would be to use Blood Ode, then pop Winter Truncheon. This way you’ll heal a ton of HP back, and stop Gloo from attaching itself to you.


Claude hands down is the hardest matchup for Gloo. First off, Claude is a very nimble hero that’s very hard to catch, even if it uses the Pass, Pass and Slam, Slam combo.

Moreover, Claude can fully stack Art of Thievery immediately against mini Gloos during the Split, Split phase. Every unit hit by Art of Thievery will add to Claude’s attack and movement speed up to a certain number of stacks.

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Claude’s skills are a great answer to the Swamp Sprits’ kit, making him the perfect option to shut Gloo down throughout the game.

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