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Understanding how to execute Alpha combos is a must if you want to maximize this cyborg’s potential. The fighter is a popular hero pick in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and with good reason.

The Blade of Enmity has incredible sustainability and crowd control skills, not to mention reliable damage, which you can collectively utilize to control the tempo of the game.

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This is all made possible by his passive, Beta, Advance! which allows you to summon the hero’s trusty companion called Beta to deal true damage and inflict slow effects to your targets each time you hit them with a skill.

Whether you use Rotary Impact, Force Swing, or his Ultimate, Spear of Alpha to enemy targets, not only will you be able to inflict instant physical damage and damage per second (DPS) on hit — you’ll also be unleashing devastating True Damage to them.

But to be able to turn this Cyborg into a killing machine, you have to know how to sequence his skills properly. In this guide, you’ll learn how to execute advanced Alpha combos that let you take advantage of his entire package, including situations where they are applicable.

Here’s how to execute the best Alpha combos in Mobile Legends

Displacement combo (Flicker + Ultimate)

Spear of Alpha is one of the best initiation abilities in the game and can turn the outcome of a team fight when timed and placed correctly.

When you use the fighter’s ultimate, you and Beta inflict damage to enemy targets upon hit and carry them to a landing location, breaking their formation, and putting them in a spot where your teammates can deal damage to them.

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Experienced enemies will expect that you will be activating this skill each time a fight breaks out. As such, sometimes you’ll land this skill at an off-angle, making it less impactful.

But there is a way to ensure that you’ll land your skill perfectly each time — with the use of Flicker.

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To execute this seamlessly, make sure to cast your battle spell to position yourself behind the enemy target, then quickly cast your ultimate to draw them near your teammates or turrets.

This Alpha Combo will not only put you on the perfect angle each time, but it will also help you catch the enemy off-guard especially when you’re approaching via a bush.

Chase Combo (Skill 1 + Ultimate + Skill 2)

Few heroes can man up against you in a one versus one situation especially when you have the right items, so you’ll notice that most enemy heroes fall back the moment they see you on the map.

Luckily, you have the kit to chase them down and send them to their graves.

To execute this Alpha combo, manually cast your first skill onto the enemy you are chasing. Rotary Impact will not only deal damage to your target but also inflict a slow effect, just enough for you to be in range for your next skills.

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Activate your ultimate to close the gap, then quickly cast your second skill. The Spear of Alpha and Force Swing sequence will have melted the enemy’s HP bar, especially if your target is a squishy marksman or mage.

Continue to inflict damage using your first skill, Basic Attacks, and your second skill. Remember that the more skills you’re able to land on the enemy, the more True Damage Beta can deal on them.

Reap the best result of this Alpha Combo by equipping your hero with items such as Hunter’s Strike, War Axe, and Bruteforce Breastplate.

Crowd Control Combo (Ultimate + Skill 2 + Petrify)

If your team composition is lacking crowd control and is banking on you to initiate team fights, there is an Alpha combo you can execute to help.

This can be done by getting the Petrify battle spell and harmonizing it with Spear of Alpha.

From the bush, angle your ultimate so you can hit multiple targets all in one cast. When you land, quickly activate your Force Swing to deal more damage and inflict the enemy with a powerful slow.

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After this, tap on your Petrify spell to stun the enemy instantly. This Alpha combo can buy your teammates time to get in position to deal damage to enemies.

Continue kiting your enemies with Rotary Impact and Force Swing when available. Other than that, use Basic Attacks for maximum damage output.

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