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Alpha is one of the few heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that possesses the ability to deal true damage, a formidable type of damage that ignores both physical and magic defense, as well as other damage reduction effects.

He accomplishes this through his robotic companion, Beta, which shoots and slows down enemies hit by Alpha’s abilities twice.

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Additionally, Rotary Impact slows enemies down, and Force Swing deals substantial damage to opponents while simultaneously restoring his health.

Furthermore, his ultimate, Spear of Alpha, allows him to swiftly approach his target and control them. He then combines forces with Beta to unleash a significant amount of damage.

Nonetheless, you can effectively counter Alpha using heroes with impressive crowd control and kiting abilities.

Here are three strong heroes to counter Alpha in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


If you’re seeking a hero capable of confronting Alpha head-on, consider Freya. Her passive, Power of Einherjar, grants her a significant boost in attack speed. This allows her to swiftly accumulate stacks of Sacred Orb, which she can subsequently use to repeatedly unleash Spirit Combo, causing her enemies to be knocked airborne.

Additionally, her ultimate, Valkyrie Descent, instantly gives her six stacks of Sacred Orb, along with a massive shield and extra physical attack.

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Before engaging Alpha, activate Valkyrie Descent. Proceed to narrow the gap against him using Leap of Faith.

Follow up with a barrage of Spirit Combo to deal immense damage and knock him up. After consuming all the Sacred Orbs from your ultimate, continue to attack him with basic attacks, and use Spirit Combo each time you gain two stacks of Sacred Orb.

To weaken his regeneration capabilities, consider acquiring Dominance Ice or Sea Halberd.

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What makes Melissa an effective hero to counter Alpha is her ability to thwart his attempts to approach her using her ultimate, Go Away! This skill enables her to summon a protective field capable of forcefully pushing back any enemies trying to enter it.

Once Alpha manages to close in on you with his Spear of Alpha, it is crucial to quickly cast Go Away! after being knocked airborne. Following this, use Eyes on You! to slow him down, and hit him with basic attacks.

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Should he attempt to retreat, use Falling! to pursue him while boosting your attack speed, and continue your assault with basic attacks.

Make sure to buy Corrosion Scythe to further impede his movement using your basic attacks. Moreover, having a Sea Halberd can prove invaluable in reducing his ability to restore his health.


Valir is a bane to most melee fighters, as he possesses stun, slow, and knockback effects in his unique skill set.

Furthermore, his ultimate, Vengeance Flame, not only acts as a built-in Purify but also enhances the potency of his damaging spells.

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When Alpha hits you with his ultimate, cast Vengeance Flame to instantly remove the debuffs inflicted upon you. Then, push him away with Searing Torrent, and repeatedly hit him with Burst Fireball to trigger the stun effect and additional damage from Ashing.

Remember to build Ice Queen Wand to further hamper his movement. Additionally, invest in Necklace of Durance to enfeeble his lifesteal capabilities.

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