Valorant pro player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has created a detailed guide to Valorant’s weapons and how to aim with them. He also discussed what makes Valorant different from CS:GO.

First, TenZ clarified that Valorant has a different Buy Menu mechanic from CS:GO. In Valorant, players can refund weapons and armor they bought prior to the start of the round, in case the team decides to go for a save round. Players can announce this during the Buy Phase.

Credit: Cloud9/TenZ

TenZ then discussed weapon mechanics in Valorant and how they compare to CS:GO.

In Valorant, all weapons are available to both attacking and defending teams. Meanwhile, in CS:GO, there are exclusive team weapons. TenZ also explained that “snipers in [Valorant] are quite different compared to Counter-Strike. In Counter-Strike, you can be a lot more aggressive with the AWP and the Scout.”

For rifles, TenZ showed how to properly control weapon recoil. In Valorant, all weapons have the same recoil pattern for all guns, whether you’re using an assault rifle or a submachine gun, it always goes up and moves from left to right. “When you’re trying to control the spray pattern for a gun, just shoot at a wall first and see where they land. So you’re going to want to compensate your mouse down, to the right, then to the left,” explained TenZ.

In comparison, in CS:GO, each weapon’s spray pattern is drastically different and players need to learn them individually.

Another key feature in Valorant is the ability to aim down sights with every weapon. “It reduces the overall fire rate of the gun, and makes the spray a little bit harder to control, says TenZ.” In CS:GO, only the Steyr Aug A3 and the Krieg 552 have the ADS feature.

Lastly, TenZ addressed how different counter strafing is in Valorant compared to CS:GO. In Valorant, players don’t need to press the opposite strafing key for a full stop, because letting go of the left or right strafe key “instantly stops your character, so you can actually get away without counter strafing.”

TenZ will be releasing more Valorant gameplay breakdown videos that will tackle important topics like Agent abilities, map awareness, along with attacker and defender strategies. With TenZ being the first North American player to reach the Valorant rank, he is one of the best-qualified pro players to learn from.

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