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Cecilion, the Embrace of Night, is Carmilla’s lover in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

In their version of a modern romance story, Cecilion revived her from the dead and turned her into a Blood Demon so that she may live.

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When played together, they gain a unique ability each called “Moonlit Waltz” that enhances their gameplay.

Nonetheless, Cecilion is capable of holding his own, and is a strong hero that can be played solo. If you’re still new to this hero, here’s an extensive guide to help you.

Cecilion’s skills in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Cecilion guide-Overflowing passive skill icon
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Passive – Overflowing

Cecilion gains extra max mana and recovers mana each time his skill hits an enemy.

He has higher max mana and mana regen, and his skill damage scales with his max mana.

  • Start using Bat Impact from level one in order to stack Overflowing, and maximize your damage for the latter stages of the game.
  • You can begin stacking the passive by leashing your jungler before the first wave of minion arrives in your lane.
  • Aim for minions, jungle creeps, and heroes to increase your stacks.
  • While there are no minions in the lane, hit jungle creeps to continue gaining stacks.
  • Your main focus during the early game should be to accumulate stacks. It’s important to refrain from attempting to gank in other lanes to prevent unnecessary deaths. Nevertheless, you can contribute in taking the Turtle.

First skill – Bat Impact

Cecilion commands a giant bat to dive at the target location, gaining extra movement speed while dealing magic damage to enemies in its path and extra magic damage to those near the landing point.

Each subsequent cast within several seconds increases this skill’s mana cost.

  • Bat Impact is his bread and butter skill, therefore, prioritize maxing this out.
  • This skill has a fixed cast range. Maintain distance between you and your target to ensure you can strike them at the landing point.
  • The splash at the end of Bat Impact deals twice as much damage, so use this to poke enemies from a distance.
  • Take advantage of the movement speed buff by repositioning after casting this skill. Move up if you’re chasing enemies to secure an additional attack, or kite back if you’re being chased.
  • In stacking your passive during the early game, use only one subsequent cast to preserve your mana.
  • You will run out of mana quickly by spamming this skill. If your jungler does not need a purple buff, get it to gain a significant mana cost reduction.
  • With Overflowing’s effect, you can use Bat Impact in nearby bushes to know if an enemy is hiding there, allowing you to evade a gank.

Second skill – Sanguine Claws

Cecilion summons a pair of opposing claws at the target location that will clasp together after a short delay, pulling enemies in their paths to the center while dealing them magic damage and immobilizing them.

  • Sanguine Claws has a large area of effect and a thick width. It occupies almost half the lane making it easy to land. It’s also very effective for catching out foes in the jungle.
  • Similar to Bat Impact, this spell has a fixed cast range.
  • You can also use this to scout for enemies hiding in bushes.

Ultimate – Bats Feast

Cecilion unleashes his Blood Demon power, gaining extra movement wpeed (decays over the duration) and slow immunity. Meanwhile, he fires bolts of blood energy at nearby enemies, each dealing magic damage to the enemy hit and slowing them.

Each bolt also restores his HP on hit.

  • Comboed with other abilities, Cecilion is the ultimate kiter with Bats Feast. Keeping at max range ensures that you deal tons of damage while staying healthy.
  • You can open up team fights by using Bats Feast first for the slow. The spell vamp also means you’re able to trade initial blows to your HP, and reposition after.
  • Even if you make mistakes and miss your other spells, this is your get out of jail card. When you find yourself in a sticky situation, use Bats Feast’s large movement speed boost to run away.

Special skill – Moonlit Waltz

When Carmilla is nearby, Cecilion can summon her to become a Vermil Shadow around him, granting him a shield (scales with Carmilla’s level).

Carmilla can choose to leave Cecilion and charge at the target location, gaining an equal shield while dealing magic damage (scales with level) to nearby enemies and slowing them.

  • When Cecilion activates Moonlit Waltz, Carmilla will disappear from the map and he gains an immediate shield. If the healing from Bats Feast is not enough, use this skill’s shield for greater durability.
  • Communication is a crucial part of any relationship. Even though you may need the extra protection, it’s important not to interrupt Carmilla out of her own combo especially if she has crowd control lined up, so talk to your partner!
  • Moonlit Waltz is highly complementary because Carmilla’s kit involves her going up close and personal with enemy heroes. She is the front line, while Cecilion positions behind, and pulls her out when she gets into too much trouble.
  • Carmilla’s ultimate slows targets, which helps Cecilion land Bats Feast on even more targets.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Cecilion in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends Cecilion guide-Flicker and Flameshot battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

Since Cecilion lacks a mobility skill, Flicker is the most optimal choice. It allows you to escape from danger, reposition in team fights, or chase down enemies.

Alternatively, you can opt for Flameshot. Use it to finish off enemy heroes with low health, or push away opponents who are pursuing you.

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Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends Cecilion guide-recommended emblem setup
Credit: ONE Esports

Mage emblem works best for Cecilion because it provides a significant amount of magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration.

The 3 best heroes to counter Cecilion in Mobile Legends

For talents, choose Agility for extra movement speed, and Weapon Master for additional magic power from equipment, emblem, talents, and skills.

Furthermore, pick Impure Rage as your primary talent. It enables you to deal a percentage of your target’s current HP, and restore some of your mana, allowing you to consistently poke opponents.

Cecilion best build

Mobile Legends Cecilion guide-pro builds
Credit: ONE Esports

Clock of Destiny is a must-have item for Cecilion, as it increases mana while also providing extra magic power and HP. It’s important to acquire it as early as possible to reach its max stack in the first few minutes of the game.

Initially, you can buy one of its components, Elegant Gem, then purchase common Boots before fully building Clock of Destiny.

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Next, upgrade your Boots to Demon Shoes, and purchase Lightning Truncheon, another item that increases your mana while dealing extra damage based on your magic power.

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Additionally, consider buying Ice Queen Wand for slowing effect, and Divine Glaive for magic penetration.

For your last inventory slot, you can take either a Winter Truncheon or Immortality to improve your survivability. You can switch these two items in the late game for efficiency.

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The best build for Cecilion in Mobile Legends

  • Demon Shoes
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Divine Glaive
  • Immortality/Winter Truncheon

Easy combos to learn

Crimson Wings Cecilion collector skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

During the laning phase, use Sanguine Claws followed by Bat Impact to gain Overflowing stacks while simultaneously poking your opponent and clearing the minion waves.

Maintain awareness of your position while using your spells. Aim to maximize your cast range, and avoid getting too close to enemies, particularly if your battle spell is unavailable.

As much as possible, activate Bats Feast first before participating in team fights. This will provide you with extra movement speed to reposition while spamming Bat Impact and Sanguine Claws.

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