Fueled by vengeance, mage hero Pharsa brings her enemies down with her powerful arsenal of magic burst spells.

She has a long-range ultimate that allows her to deal enormous damage from a safe distance. She also has a decent crowd control ability that can set up big pickoffs.

Moreover, she possesses high mobility that most mage heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang don’t have.

If you’re a mage user looking to master the blindfolded princess, we made a guide to help you achieve that. This includes recommended battle spells and emblems, as well as the best build and skill combos.

Pharsa’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Spiritual Unity

Every 8s, Verri enters the Hunting state and assists Pharsa on her next attack against an enemy hero, dealing extra magic damage equal to the target’s Max HP and a percentage of magic power owned, and slowing them for a second.

  • Can be activated by basic attacks or skills.

First skill – Curse of Crow

Pharsa casts a blast of magic at the target location, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and marking them for four seconds.

Her subsequent attack against marked enemies will consume the mark and stun them.

  • This is her only crowd control. For better precision, you can manually target the skill.
  • Verri doesn’t trigger the stun effect, so you need to hit the marked enemies with the other skills or basic attacks.

Second skill – Energy Impact

Pharsa releases magic energy in the target direction, dealing huge magic damage to enemies hit.

  • Get this at level one so you can clear the first minion wave fast, acquire Curse Crow at level two, and try to gank in a side lane.
  • Max this out first because this is her main farming and poking tool.

Ultimate – Feathered Air Strike

Pharsa flies into mid-air for eight seconds and launches a round of air raid on the target area, dealing massive magic damage to enemies within.

Using this again will launch another round of air raid on the target area, dealing the same amount of damage. She can cast this skill up to four times within the duration, including the initial cast.

  • Simply tapping on the skill will prioritize heroes over minions in the area.
  • You can control when to launch each strike within the duration. To do this, hold the ultimate button, hover the cursor to your target, then release.
  • You can use Curse of Crow and Enemy Impact, as well as battle spells such as Flicker and Flameshot, in mid-air.
  • Using Flicker can extend the range of the ultimate, or help you reposition to a safer position while using it.
  • Use this to clear minions when the enemies are pushing, or zone them out when your team is sieging turrets or taking objectives.
  • Moving or using Wings by Wings will interrupt the skill.
  • Pharsa can zoom out in-game when using her ultimate, enabling you to see enemies from afar.

Extra skill – Wings by Wings

Pharsa turns into mist and wraps herself around Verri, gaining extra movement speed which decays over time, and the ability to fly over terrain for up to five seconds or until she launches an attack or is controlled.

  • You can cast battle spells, such as Flicker, Flameshot, and Sprint, while this skill is active without cancelling it.
  • You can fly beyond the edge of the map. You’ll drop at the marker when you cast a skill or the duration ends.
  • Use this to easily go to a side lane in the early game, and go for a gank or help a struggling ally.

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A comprehensive guide on how to play Pharsa in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends Pharsa guide-Flicker and Flameshot battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

Flicker provides Pharsa additional mobility. Use it to extend the range of Feathered Air Strike, or reposition if the enemies try to close in. You can also use it to chase down opponents or retreat from danger.

If you want additional damage, choose Flameshot. This can help you finish off enemies who manage to survive your combo, or push back those who get near you.

Purify is also a viable option if the other team has many crowd controls.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends Pharsa guide-Mystery Shop and Magic Worship talents
Credit: ONE Esports

Select Mage emblem. Put points on Flow and Catastrophe for the extra magic power. From there, you can either choose Mystery Shop or Magic Worship.

Mystery Shop allows you to buy your core items much faster. On the other hand, Magic Worship deals damage per second when you land your combo, enabling you to finish off enemies.

Best item build

Mobile Legends Pharsa guide-Pro builds
Credit: ONE Esports

As Pharsa, you are expected to dish out magic burst damage to the opposing team, so you need to boost your magic power.

Buy brown Boots first, then rush Clock of Destiny to have it at max stacks in the first few minutes of the game. Upgrade to Arcane Boots and follow it up with Lightning Truncheon.

Complete your build with Divine Glaive, Genius Wand, and Holy Crystal. If you need to increase your survivability, consider getting Winter Truncheon or Immortality.

The best build for Pharsa in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Divine Glaive
  • Genius Wand
  • Holy Crystal

Easy combos to learn

In the first few minutes of the game, you can poke your opponent in the lane and clear minion waves with the Curse of Crow-Energy Impact combo.

Remember to always use Curse of Crow first to mark the enemies before hitting them with Energy Impact to proc the stun effect, allowing you to hit with some basic attacks or your teammates to follow up.

At level four, you can execute the Curse of Crow-Energy Impact-Feathered Air Strike combo. When you have two or more core items, you can go straight with Feathered Air Strike after hitting enemies with Curse of Crow.

Use Wings by Wings to retreat safely after slaying your target.

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