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Lunox is one of the few heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that will always be viable because of her incredibly balanced skill kit.

While difficult to master due to her complex mechanics, she can be a menace in the right hands. Power of Chaos allows her to deal massive amounts of Magic Damage, while Power of Brilliance gives her survivability in the thick of fights.

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As formidable as Lunox is, the Twilight Goddess can be bested. In fact, there are several heroes in the Land of Dawn that can bring her all sorts of problems both in the lane in team fights.

Subdue Lunox using these 3 counter heroes in Mobile Legends


Lunox is a terrific pick as a midlane mage because she has the ability to control the lane with poke damage and increase her uptime by healing back HP. This allows her to gain an early advantage, build magic items, and help out other lanes.

When faced with a Valentina however, this will not be the case.

The mage simply beats Lunox in terms of poke damage, and her mobility is far superior. Shadow Strike can rattle the Twilight Goddess in the lane, and when used in conjunction with Arcane Shade, it can send the enemy mage reeling to her base.

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The Prophetess of the Night’s ultimate, I Am You, also ensures that she will be a constant threat in team fights, as she can copy either Power of Chaos or Power of Brilliance to mirror Lunox’s impact.

On Valentina, play aggressively early to stifle the enemy mage’s item progression. Smother her with continuous pokes using Shadow Strike and Arcane Shade respectively.

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During team fights, wait for her to reveal herself on the map and force her to use her Power of Brilliance prematurely. Without it, she will think twice about engaging in the fight.


There’s a simple solution to negate what Lunox can bring to the battlefield — eliminate her quickly. No one in the Land of Dawn can do this job better than the assassin Natalia. The bane of all backline heroes, Natalia’s incredible mobility and burst damage are too much for the squishy mage to handle.

The combination of Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb, not to mention the silence from the Assassin Instinct passive, can spell doom for Lunox as the damage will come at her quickly, and brutally.

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When using Natalia, focus on ambushing the enemy mage when she least expects it. Use bushes to sneak up on Lunox, then burst her down before she can react.

The assassin’s ability to silence with her basic attacks can prevent the mage from using her skills, effectively removing her ability to heal or deal damage.

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As for the item build, go for the usual item progression for Natalia. Prioritize the Blade of the Heptaseas, and double down on your Physical Attack and critical damage by getting Berserker’s Fury and Malefic Roar.


If you’re a roamer looking to make Lunox’s life a living nightmare, Lolita is the hero for you.

The support’s primary strength lies in her ability to block and return projectiles with her shield, thanks to her second ability, Guardian’s Reflection. This ability works against all projectile abilities, including Lunox’s ranged attacks.

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This only means that when the enemy mage attempts to melt enemies with Chaos Assault, her damage is not only negated but returned to her as damage.

More than Lolita’s shield, Power Charge ability can also force Lunox to play safely, as it packs damage and stun effects for a duration.

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When building items against Lunox, consider equipment that enhances the support’s durability and cooldown reduction. Do not go without Athena’s Shield, Radiant Armor, or Oracle to increase your damage-soaking ability and your magic resistance.

In terms of gameplay, make sure to use the bushes to sneak up on the mage and control her with Power Charge. When she attempts to retaliate, raise your shield and try to soak up all the damage, and buy time for your teammates to take her down.

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