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In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, junglers are not just responsible for killing jungle monsters. They continuously rotate the map to clear creeps and secure objectives, significantly impacting the team’s economy and standing in the game.

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In order to do this effectively, heroes played in this role typically have high mobility and sustain, as well as strong creep damage abilities.

If you’re just getting started as a jungler, this ONE Esports guide will let you know the fundamentals of the role, including your key assignments, how to execute them efficiently, and the best heroes to use.

The primary tasks of a jungler in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Clear jungle camps, and fast

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang jungle buff locations
Credit: ONE Esports

As the name suggests, jungling or farming is your primary task. Jungle creeps are your main source of gold and experience, and the faster you are able to clear camps, the more equipped you are to help out your other laners.

The best way to do this is to know your farm pathing in the early game and understand your hero’s abilities. If your hero is mana or energy-dependent (typically assassin junglers) like Ling, Fanny or Hayabusa, start the game by taking down the Purple Buff, so you can keep clearing camps fast using your abilities.

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On the other hand, if your hero needs a boost in damage in the first minutes of the game (typically for tank junglers), opt for killing the Orange Buff.

As a general rule, prioritize securing one buff after the other to maximize what they can give in terms of stats. This way, you’ll be in better shape to take on your responsibility — securing the Turtle and Lord.

Secure the Turtle and Lord

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Turtle guide-Retribution indicators
Screenshot by Jeremiah Sevilla/ONE Esports

Outside of killing jungle creeps, another key assignment of a jungler is to secure neutral objectives in the game. Neutral objectives include Turtles and Lords — both of which provide advantages for your team such as bonus gold, experience, and map control.

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Securing the Turtle and the Lord similarly requires positioning, team coordination, and the timely usage of your Retribution battle spell.

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As a jungler, it is crucial that you keep an eye on the creeps’ bar at all times, and communicate with your teammates about enemy locations — especially the opposing jungler — if the objective contest comes.

Moreover, it is imperative that your Retribution spell is available and you are within range in the objective take. Only trigger it once you cross the red line indicator on the monster’s HP bar.

Initiate ganks and pressure lanes

Jungler initiating gank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esport

Ganking lanes is perhaps the most exciting task for a jungler. Ganking is the act of surprising an enemy laner and ambushing them with the intention of securing a kill or at least forcing them to back off.

It’s important to gank strategically and choose the right moments to do so to avoid wasting resources, or worse, getting killed in the process.

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It’s best to rotate to the gold lane in the early game, where you can typically find the squishy marksmen or mages. Use bushes to close the gap while being invisible, and engage only when the opposing gold laner oversteps. Remember, coordinate your ganks with your roamer and gold laner to ensure the kill.

On the off-chance that you are not able to secure the kill, you can still impact the game by helping your teammates pressure the lane or inflict damage to turrets.

Respond to team fights

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Jungler Karina responding to fight at top lane
Credit: ONE Esports

A jungler’s responsibility in team fights is perhaps the most dynamic one among the roles in MLBB.

Roamers and EXP laners are expected to initiate, zone out enemies, and soak damage. Meanwhile, gold laners and midlaners are supposed to put out damage. Junglers, on the other end, can do well at either of the two depending on the hero picked.

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If you prefer playing damage-dealing junglers, an effective way to sway team fights in your favor is to locate the most squishy heroes and focus on killing them. Use your mobility to close the gap and cast your skills to burst down the opposing damage dealers.

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If you are playing more as a utility jungler, keep an eye on the same squishy heroes and use crowd-control abilities to make it easier for your damage dealers to secure the kill.

Best heroes for the jungler role

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Shadow of Obscurity Hayabusa skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton Games

The role is ideal for heroes who have excellent mobility and wave clear. If you want to begin playing this role as a damage dealer, consider the following heroes:

If you want to play as a utility jungler, you can start off with these heroes:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Baratstein Barats skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton Games

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