Cyclops harnesses the power from the stars and skies to bring doom upon his foes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Starlit Hourglass, his passive, reduces the cooldown of all his skills when he hits enemies with them.

Planets Attack is his primary damage dealer and grants him extra movement speed. With enough mana regen and cooldown reduction items, he can use it almost infinitely.

Stardust Shock damages enemies in a straight path while Star Power Lockdown, his ultimate, deals huge damage and immobilizes the target depending on its flying distance.

Still, you can effectively deal with this one-eyed mage hero. Here are the heroes you can strongly consider picking if you see him on the opposite team.

Three counters to Cyclops in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Dream Caster Harley
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

First on the list is assassin/mage hero Harley. Using his combo, he can kill Cyclops and get away unharmed.

Close in using Space Escape, cast Deadly Magic, then shoot him with Poker Trick. Retreat quickly to your magic hat and wait for him to explode. Use Hero Lock Mode to ensure that he is the target of your combo.

If he casts Star Power Lockdown on you, use Space Escape to get away as far as you can. Remember, you can still activate Space Escape even if you get immobilized by his ultimate.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M2 Champion skin, Bren Esports Lancelot
Credit: Moonton

Lancelot is another assassin who can easily cut the gap against Cyclops and shut him down. Additionally, he can dodge his ultimate using Thorned Rose, which makes him invulnerable for a moment.

Dash near him using Puncture. Inflict massive damage with Thorned Rose before finishing him off with Phantom Execution and basic attacks if necessary. Flee using Puncture.

You can also hit him Phantom Execution first and save Thorned Rose to evade his Star Power Lockdown. While dodging skills using Thorned Rose may be challenging at first, with sufficient practice, you will be able to do it smoothly.


Lolita Impish Trickster skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

All of Cyclops’ spells are projectiles. That is why they can easily be blocked by tank hero Lolita using Guardian’s Bulwark.

Cast Guardian’s Bulwark and stay in front of him. After blocking his skills, narrow the distance and stun him with Charge. Strike him with the blast of stacked energy from Guardian’s Bulwark.

If he tries to escape, use Noumenon Blast to slow him down and complete its channeling time to stun him. Combine it with Flicker to extend its range if necessary.

As Lolita lacks damage, it’s important to coordinate with your allies so they can burst the enemy Cyclops while you lock him down. To further render him ineffective, purchase Radiant Armor for magic defense and stacking magic damage reduction.

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