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Freya is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who slays her enemies with her mighty sword and shield.

Spirit Combo, which has shield gain, slow, and airborne effects, is almost unlimited now due to the rework on its cooldown. Leap of Faith allows her to pull enemies toward her and move through obstacles easily.

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Valkyrie Descent, her ultimate ability, grants her an immense shield and extra physical attack. Additionally, her basic attacks become ranged and deal splash damage.

Still, she can be punished by heroes who excel in head-to-head battles. If you find yourself up against her, pick one of these strong counters to defeat her.

Three counters to Freya in Mobile Legends


Wanwan is an agile marksman who can easily evade Freya’s attacks through her Tiger Pace passive. She can also remove her crowd control abilities using Needles in Flowers.

When she initiates on you with Leap of Faith, quickly trigger Needles in Flowers then throw Swallow’s Path to stun her and expose her weak points. Hit her weaknesses with basic attacks to activate Crossbow of Tang.

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Remember to purchase Sea Halberd to reduce her shield gain, as well as Wind of Nature to obtain temporary immunity from her physical damage.

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The revamped Minsitthar boasts strong control skills, enabling him to come out on top against Freya in a 1v1 situation.

Initiate with King’s Calling to prevent her from using Leap of Faith. Use Shield Assault to lessen the damage taken from the front. Don’t forget to tap on the attack button while your shield is up.

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If she tries to escape, pull her using Spear of Glory. Continue attacking her to proc the stun and healing effects from Mark of the King.

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She might have the advantage in the early game, but having two core items such as Corrosion Scythe and Demon Hunter Sword should tip the scales in your favor. Also, buy Dominance Ice to weaken her shield and attack speed.


Esmeralda is dreaded by heroes who possess shield gain effects, including Freya. She can steal the shield of nearby enemies, while the damage she deals ignores all shield effects.

When you’re dueling against her, always cast the Frostmoon Shield-Stardust Dance combo and use basic attacks in between. You can use Falling Starmoon to initiate or chase her down if she attempts to escape.

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After buying Warrior Boots and Enchanted Talisman, get Dominance Ice to lessen her shield and attack speed, and Oracle to further boost your shield. Consider purchasing Ice Queen Wand to slow her down, preventing her from retreating.

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