Born into one of the most prestigious magic families in the Land of Dawn, Guinevere embraced her lineage’s magical prowess to stand out in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang battlefield.

As a mage-fighter hybrid, Ms. Violet brings a unique blend of crowd control and burst damage to fights. Her inherent magical abilities allow her to disrupt enemy formations. She also excels in delivering high-damage blows that can leave foes reeling, while her innate sustain makes her a powerful threat in extended skirmishes.

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Whether you’re looking for a hero to dive into the heart of team fights or someone who can single-handedly carry games with their raw power, Guinevere is your go-to choice.

In this ONE Esports guide, we will dive deeper into her abilities, strategies, and the best build to maximize her potential.

Guinevere’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Super Magic

Guinevere deals extra damage to airborne enemies.

She also deals Magic Damage with her Basic Attacks and accumulates Super Magic each time she deals damage. When it’s fully charged, her next Basic Attack becomes guided, dealing Magic Damage on hit and restoring HP.

  • Enemies hit by Guinevere’s enhanced Basic Attack, Energy Wave, or Spatial Migration are marked for a couple of seconds.
  • Those with a certain number of marks will be knocked airborne when hit by her Violet Requiem.
  • This passive skill allows the mage to deal massive damage to enemies continuously.

First skill – Energy Wave

Guinevere releases an energy orb in the target direction, dealing Magic Damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them for a duration. Successfully hitting an enemy reduces all her skill cooldowns by a second.

  • Use this skill to poke enemies and safely clear enemy creeps when in the lane.
  • Make sure to target this manually as successfully landing it reduces cooldown.
  • Since this is your primary damage skill in the early game, max out this skill first.

Second skill – Spatial Migration

Guinevere thumps at the target location for Magic Damage, slowing enemies within it by a percentage for a duration. Enemy heroes and creeps hit will be knocked airborne for a duration and take additional Magic Damage.

After cast, she can reactivate the skill in a few seconds to blink toward the target direction and leave an illusion behind. If the illusion takes damage, it restores Super Magic for her and will explode in a few seconds, dealing Magic Damage to nearby enemies.

  • This is your primary engagement and crowd-control skill. Make sure to target this manually as this can be easily telegraphed.
  • Use the bush to approach the enemy and activate it in the enemy hero’s direction. If the enemy is moving, advance your casting to the area where the enemy will likely move to land it.
  • After activating the skill, tap on it again to move toward the enemy when they are falling back.
  • You can also use this as an escape tool when you are in an off position on the map.

Ultimate – Violet Requiem

Guinevere creates a force field around her for a duration, attacking nearby enemies multiple times within a couple of seconds, dealing Magic Damage. If the enemy hit is already airborne, they will be knocked airborne again, up to a certain number of additional times. Guinevere is immune to crowd control while casting this skill.

  • Activate this skill after landing Spatial Migration to maximize Magic Damage output.
  • You can also use this skill to get out of sticky situations as you will be immune to crowd control when the ultimate is active then jump out using Spatial Migration.
  • This is a very powerful ultimate, especially in the early game. Always look to gank enemies when this is available.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Guinevere in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter Guinevere recommended battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

What makes Guinevere an effective hero in the jungler role is her high early damage. The Retribution battle spell elevates her camp clearing even more, allowing her to speed up her itemization and take objectives.

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More than that, Retribution also boosts her kill potential, specifically the Ice Retribution type. This type of blessing allows you to steal movement speed from your target depending on your level for several seconds, making you agile while slowing them down.

When playing Ms. Violet as a roamer, the most effective battle spell to choose is Flicker, increasing the hero’s mobility and ganking potential. The battle spell can be used in sync with her Spatial Migration ability to reach enemies on the backlines.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter Guinevere jungler emblem
Credit: ONE Esports

You can go many ways in terms of emblems for Guinevere. When playing as a jungler, taking Thrill as your first-tier talent is great for boosting your early-game damage. Consequently, Seasoned Hunter is a good option for the next talent as it allows you to contest for objectives better.

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Impure Rage is the best main talent because of the added skill damage which syncs perfectly with the hero’s kit.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter Guinevere roamer emblem
Credit: ONE Esports

As a roamer, Firmness is great to boost your Physical and Magic Defense and sustain damage in the laning phase. Pair that up with Wilderness Blessing to give the hero more mobility for ganks and initiations.

Finally, take Brave Smite as the main talent as it restores HP when your skills land on to the enemy, providing you with more survivability.

Guinevere best build

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter Guinevere best build
Credit: ONE Esports

On jungler Guinevere, buying items that boost Magic Damage and Magic Penetration should be the priority. After Arcane Boots, focus on getting Starlium Scythe and Holy Crystal in the early to mid-game.

Transitioning towards the mid-game to the late game, take Concentrated Energy for spell vamp which will boost your survivability. Take Divine Glaive and Blood Wings to ensure that even when the enemy has built Magic Defense items, they will still be vulnerable to your damage.

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On another note, you will naturally need to focus on building up your Physical and Magic Defense when using Ms. Violet as a roamer. Prioritize Dominance Ice and Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor in the early to mid-game.

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Take Immortality early, and build more on your Physical Defense by adding Bruteforce Breastplate and a choice between Blade Armor or Antique Cuirass, depending on the enemy.

The best build for jungle Guinevere in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots
  • Starlium Scythe
  • Holy Crystal
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Divine Glaive
  • Blood Wings

Tips and easy combos to learn

Guinevere’s power spike comes as early as level four, so make sure to take advantage of that by ganking lanes. Use bushes to approach enemies, and activate Spatial Migration in their direction. Trigger Violet Requiem right after for the burst damage.

When the enemy tries to escape tap Spatial Migration again to the escaping enemy and use Energy Wave for more damage and slow. That time you’ll have enough stacks to trigger Super Magic which will increase your damage output and chase ability. You can also use your Ice Retribution when chasing down enemies.

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When playing as a roamer, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to hit multiple enemies with Spatial Migration all the time. Targeting and picking off enemy damage dealers such as mages, junglers or gold laners is as impactful.

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