This upcoming skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is set to captivate players like never before, introducing what could be the most exceptional skin to date among all the Legend skins.

Divine Goddess Lunox marks the tenth addition to the prestigious Legend skin lineup within the game. It’s also the eighth exclusive skin that players can obtain through the Magic Wheel event.

Unlike her previous skins, this skin takes the experience to a new level by incorporating two distinct effects for her Order and Chaos skills.

That said, players will feel like they are playing two different heroes, with immersive visuals and thematic elements tied to each Divine Judgement choice.

Divine Goddess Lunox character model and skill effects preview

The character model of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Legend skin, Divine Goddess Lunox
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Lunox dons a captivating white kimono that exudes a magical aura, radiating a vibrant glow on the battlefield. The kimono itself has an intricate design, reminiscent of a mesmerizing red and white tulip.

Her golden locks are also replaced with ethereal white hair, giving off an otherworldly charm. Topping off her regal appearance is a majestic crown, accentuating her role as the queen of the Land of Dawn.

However, what makes this skin remarkable are the giant orbs adorning Lunox’s shoulders, symbolizing her order and chaos personas.

A side-by-side comparison of the ultimate of the Divine Goddess Lunox skin
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

The order skills are visually represented by a fiery phoenix, embodying the power of order. Conversely, the chaos skills are symbolized by a colossal blue fish, illustrating the chaotic forces at her disposal.

Players will also receive an exclusive border, recall, skill icons, and achievement badge upon acquiring the skin.

Divine Goddess Lunox will be available in the Magic Wheel Draw soon.

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