Since his release four years ago, Gusion remains a favorite among assassin mains in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He’s quick, has high burst damage, and is fun to play once you learn his complex yet rewarding combos.

An experienced Gusion player is very hard to eliminate in the game. It’s almost always a free kill once he hits you with Sword Spike, no matter where you are on the map. His fast dashes and teleports make him a nightmare to deal with, especially if the team has little to no crowd-control skills.

There are two ways to counter Gusion. It’s either you disrupt his combo or have a skill where you become immune for a short time in team fights. Here are three heroes that can counter the Holy Blade in the Land of Dawn.

3 Gusion counters in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Ruby
Credit: Moonton

Ruby is a nightmare for every Gusion mains. She can disrupt all his combos with her second skill, Don’t run, Wolf King!, which has a seven-second cooldown, making it almost impossible to burst her down in team fights.

Her passive allows her to dash after every skill, which can be used to avoid getting hit with Sword Spike. It’s important that you go for Athena’s Shield to mitigate some of Gusion’s damage in the early game. Oracle and Immortality are also great item choices if the Holy Blade is far ahead in the game.


Credit: Moonton

If there’s one assassin quicker than Gusion, it’s Hayabusa. What makes him a good counter is his second skill, Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow, which lets him blink multiple times around a large area for a few seconds.

Hitting Sword Spike when Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow is active is extremely difficult. If Hayabusa manages to hit the skill, he can activate Ougi: Shadow Kill to become invulnerable and deal damage at the same time.

Ultimately, it’s recommended that you practice Hayabusa first in classic to get a better idea of how Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow. Once you get that out of the way, playing the assassin hero against the Holy Blade will be a piece of cake.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Minsitthar
Credit: Moonton

He may not be a popular fighter for the longest time now, but Minsitthar is perfect against heroes with a lot of blinks and dashes. His ultimate, King’s Calling, creates a large area around him that disables any directional blink skills.

That alone is enough to stop Gusion from using Sword Spike or his ultimate, Incandescence, rendering him useless in team fights unless he walks away from the area of effect.

It’s important to stick close to the marksman or mage in team fights to stop the Holy Blade from bursting them down. Once uses Sword Spike and dashes toward you or your teammate, activate King’s Calling to disrupt his combo. Follow it up with Shield Assault to stun him in place and let your teammates deal the killing blow.

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