Zhask, the King of Swarms, is a troublesome mage hero to deal with in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

His Nightmaric Spawn and ultimate skill, Dominator’s Descent, let him deal massive magic DPS.

He can stun and unload burst damage with Mind Eater, and slow enemies with Hive Clones. These skills are enhanced when he uses his ultimate.

However, he is squishy and lacks a reliable mobility spell, making him vulnerable to these heroes.

Three counters to Zhask in Mobile Legends


Emerald Enchantress Eudora skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Eudora can easily burst down Zhask with her deadly skill combo, stopping him from using his ultimate.

Stun him first with Ball Lightning then use Thunder’s Wrath and Forked Lightning to finish him off. Utilize the Hero Lock Mode to make sure you use the combo on him and not on his summon.

Having Clock of Destiny at max stacks and Lightning Truncheon should be enough to take him down. Hide in a bush or close the gap with Flicker to make a surprise attack.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Ice Schyte Helcurt
Credit: Moonton

Helcurt is a nightmare for squishy heroes, like Zhask. He has a blink ability with an innate silence effect, and a quick burst damage in his arsenal.

Before ganking him, stack Deadly Stinger fully on minions or jungle creeps. Cast Dark Night Falls then close in and silence him with Shadow Transition to prevent him from using his ultimate. Use Deadly Stinger to slay him.

With Blade of Heptaseas and Blade of Despair, you can bring him down with Deadly Stinger and a few basic attacks.


Imperial Assassin Akai skin official wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Unlike Eudora and Helcurt who use their burst damage to their advantage, Akai counters Zhask by reducing the effectiveness of his ultimate.

As soon as he casts Dominator’s Descent, activate Heavy Spin to pin him onto a wall so he won’t be able to use basic attacks. You can also push him near your turret or allies.

If he tries to escape, chase him with Headbutt and slow him down with Body Slam. Build Radiant Armor to effectively absorb his magic DPS.

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