Kimmy is a unique marksman hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, where you need to manually aim her basic attack. She also has the ability to move while attacking, which is useful against heroes with skill shots.

In the laning phase, her massive damage output makes her a strong early to mid-game killer. It’s also difficult to pin her down in team fights, especially if the opposing team lacks crowd-control skills.

It gets a lot tougher in the late game, since she can one-shot any squishy hero even from a distance with her ultimate, Maximum Charge.

But, like every other strong hero, she has her weaknesses. Here are three ways to stop Kimmy from dominating your ranked games.

3 heroes who can stop Kimmy in Mobile Legends


Lolita Impish Trickster skin wallpaper
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Lolita‘s skills are incredibly effective in countering Kimmy’s attacks. As her basic attacks are considered projectiles, Lolita’s Guardian’s Bulwark can block them all.

During team fights, use Charge to approach the Jetpack Rebel and stun her in place. Then, activate Guardian’s Bulwark to block all of her basic attacks. Make sure to go in front of her basic attacks the whole time until her energy bar is depleted.

Prioritizing Radiant Armor is also a must as it decreases her damage output if your shield is down. If she has built a few physical damage items like Berserker’s Fury, go for Antique Cuirass for the increased damage reduction.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Ling
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Since Kimmy relies on aiming her auto attacks, she has a difficult time against heroes who are extremely mobile.

A hero that perfectly fits the bill is Ling. He can dash in and out of a team fight with Defiant Sword and Finch Poise. His ultimate, Tempest of Blades, also allows him to dodge Maximum Charge and burst her down with ease.

Go for the usual assassin build in this matchup. If she gets ahead in the game, build Radiant Armor and Immortality. You can also go for Tough Boots if she gets a few kills in the first five minutes.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Astral Wanderer Irithel
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Irithel is a suitable marksman hero to counter Kimmy in the gold lane. Similar to the Jetpack Rebel, Irithel can also move while attacking, which allows her to avoid the marksman’s projectile basic attack in the laning phase.

In team fights, Irithel should activate her ultimate and Sprint battle spell to increase her damage output and mobility. Focus on targeting Kimmy and move constantly to the side to avoid her basic attacks and Maximum Charge.

Build Rose Gold Meteor if you are behind the matchup, or Immortality if the game goes past the 15-minute mark. If you have Lolita as your roamer, you can go for the Inspire battle spell instead for the attack damage and speed boost, which is a game-changer in the early game.

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