Lolita may stand small in stature, but don’t let her size fool you.

Known as one of the best team fight initiators in the game, the Steel Elf’s skill set revolves around starting team fights and protecting allies with her massive shield.

Her abilities include a single-target stun, Power Charge, and Guardian’s Reflection, which can block and reflect ranged attacks.

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Her ultimate, Noumenon Blast, is a game-changing skill that can stun multiple enemies in a large cone in front of her.

Learning to play Lolita may take some time, but this guide will help you master this support hero.

Lolita’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Noumenon Energy Core

Every few seconds, the Noumenon Energy Core grants a shield to Lolita and nearby allies.

  • The shield scales per level and does not scale with defensive stats.
  • She provides a shield every 2.5 seconds and can stack up to six times.
  • You can see if an ally has a shield if they have a glowing circle around them.
  • Lolita’s passive ability makes her an excellent choice for jungle invades. During the initial five minutes of the game, it’s crucial to stay close to your jungler and encourage them to attempt to invade the enemy’s buffs. Maintaining her shield at full stack can be a game-changing advantage, making it challenging for the enemy jungler to contest the invasion.

Skill 1 – Power Charge

Lolita dashes in the target direction and enhances her next basic attack.

  • The damage of this skill is doubled against minions. This is great if you are trying to kill the enemy cannon minions and clear the wave.
  • She can also jump through walls with this skill, making it an effective tool for escaping losing team fights as well.
  • Enable Hero Lock Mode to target specific heroes in team fights. Be sure to click the enemy hero portrait before dashing into the fight.
  • The skill lasts four seconds after the short dashing.

Skill 2 – Guardian’s Reflection

Lolita raises her shield and reflects all incoming ranged basic attacks and projectiles in the direction of the shield.

  • The shield scales with total HP, which means that building HP items will improve the shield.
  • The damage and effects from the unique passives of an attacker’s equipment will not apply to the shield and will not be reflected.
  • You can dash with Power Charge while Guardian’s Reflection is up. Use this to better position yourself in front of your allies. However, stunning a target will end the shield’s duration.

Ultimate – Noumenon Blast

Lolita begins channeling, slowing enemies in a fan-shaped area. When the channeling is complete, she slams the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies.

  • To maximize the effectiveness of this skill, consider its two-second channeling time and susceptibility to crowd control. Activate it from a safe distance where enemies can’t target you.
  • Opting to activate the skill from within a bush is often a wise choice, as it conceals the skill’s outline from enemies.
  • Remember that the damage and duration of the skill are halved if interrupted by crowd control or intentionally stopped by tapping on the skill again.
  • Additionally, you can Flicker while the skill is channeling. A valuable tactic involves Flickering just before Lolita swings her hammer, preventing enemies from using their mobility skills to escape and cover more space.

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A comprehensive guide on how to play Lolita in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Flicker battle spell in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Flicker is an essential choice when playing as Lolita.

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This skill serves not only as a dependable escape option but also greatly enhances her ability to set up impactful plays with Noumenon Blast and Guardian’s Reflection during team fights.

Recommended emblem and talent

Emblem and talent recommendation for Lolita in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Even though Lolita is classified as a support hero, it’s most effective to build her as a tank due to her frontline role.

Consider using the Tank Emblem for the additional HP, hybrid defense, and HP regeneration stats.

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In terms of talents, prioritize Agility for increased movement speed, Tenacity for enhanced defensive capabilities when your HP is low, and, as a core talent, select Concussive Blast.

This talent complements Power Charge, dealing damage to the enemy and creating opportunities for your allies to secure easy kills.

Best build for Lolita

Equipment recommendations for Lolita in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

To complement her emblem and talent build, focusing on defensive items is the optimal choice.

Initiate her item build with roam items and start with Dominance Ice to reduce the enemy’s shield and HP regeneration. Following that, you have a couple of options:

As the game progresses, tailor your equipment choices to the enemy’s composition:

  • Opt for Twilight Armor if the enemy team has a burst hero.
  • Choose Blade Armor if there are two or more basic attack-reliant heroes on the opposing team.

This adaptive approach to itemization will enhance Lolita’s tankiness and utility in various game scenarios.

Sample best build for Lolita in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots with Conceal
  • Dominance Ice
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Blade Armor
  • Immortality

Easy combos to learn

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Lion Dance Lolita skin
Credit: Moonton

Select Lolita when you’re facing a lineup with numerous marksman heroes or heroes reliant on projectile skills like Chang’e or Selena.

Early game, accompany your jungler and assist in clearing buffs until you reach level four. Once your ultimate is available, prioritize securing the first Turtle and position yourself in the small bush near the Turtle pit.

To protect your team during the Turtle contest, employ Power Charge to stun any approaching enemy or, if multiple foes are attempting to contest, utilize Noumenon Blast.

During team fights, initiate by unleashing Noumenon Blast and utilizing Flicker to reach the enemy backline.

Start with Guardian’s Reflection, standing in front of your ally carries if you miss the enemy gold laner or jungler during the ultimate. Alternatively, use Power Charge on the enemy carries if your team is significantly ahead in the game.

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