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Millions of players have been captured by the fantastic tale and the lovely characters of HoYoverse’s role-playing game, Genshin Impact. Some have even formed their own romantic pairings (or ships, as the fandom calls it) like Liyue’s Ningguang and Zhongli, and Mondstadt’s Jean and Diluc.

A pair of cosplayers in the Philippines has brought to life these non-canon ships. The best part? They are a couple in real life too!

Roxanne Kho and Zackt, a cosplay couple from the Philippines, are unstoppable when it comes to their Genshin Impact cosplays

Roxanne Kho and Zackt have shown their love for Genshin through their couple cosplays. Their Jean and Diluc cosplay photo set posted on Valentine’s day made fans swoon with their cute story showing the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, and the owner of the Dawn Winery meeting inside the Angel’s Share Tavern.

Other photos showed the two ready to protect their precious Mondstadt from any kind of danger.

Cosplay couple Roxanne Kho and Zackt's Diluc and Jean cosplay from Genshin Impact
Credit: Xander Aboc Photography

Roxanne Kho and Zackt also cosplayed Geo users Ningguang and Zhongli getting intimate around the Jade Chamber.

Cosplay couple Roxanne Kho and Zackt's Ningguang and Zhongli cosplay from Genshin Impact
Credit: Xander Aboc Photography

Of course, with the craze around the KFC x Genshin collaboration, the two just had to cosplay Noelle and Diluc in their special employee outfits outside a KFC branch.

KFC Diluc and Noelle cosplay by Roxanne Kho and Zackt
Credit: Xander Aboc Photography

Roxanne Kho and Zackt have been together for five years now, cosplaying numerous characters they have both taken a liking to as a couple. They are almost always together all the time, playing a ton of Genshin while creating ships of their own.

“We find ourselves having opinions about the plot and characters of the story, brainstorming theories about a series, or just fangirling about the character design or the lore,” shared Roxanne Kho with ONE Esports.

Can’t get enough of these Genshin Impact ships? Here are more photos of Roxanne Kho and Zackt’s stunning cosplays:

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