Earlier this month, game developer miHoYo announced a collaboration between miHoYo’s role-playing game Genshin Impact and fried chicken fast-food chain, KFC.

For the collab, the game’s Geo maid Noelle and wealthy Pyro claymore-user Diluc now wear adorable KFC uniforms instead of their usual Mondstadt outfits, ready to serve hungry customers.

Genshin Impact, KFC, Noelle, Diluc
Credit: miHoYo

Participating stores have also been decorated with posters of the traveler twins and the Mondstadt gang and walls and tables have been plastered with artwork from the Dragonspine patch.

Limited-edition merchandise in the form of pins and postcards is also up for grabs.

Here’s a look inside one of these stores thanks to a poster on Chinese forum, nga.cn:

The response to the collaboration has been overwhelming with KFC stores in China absolutely packed with Genshin Impact players trying to grab all the souvenirs they can get, with some even resorting to stealing store decorations and character standees.

Genshin Impact, KFC, Diluc standee
Credit: Genshin Impact Memes
Genshin Impact, KFC, Diluc, Noelle, standees
Credit: 重庆Chika酱

The Genshin Impact x KFC collaboration runs from March 8 to 28 and is limited to China-based branches.

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