Riot Games has revealed its latest skin bundle, dubbed Doodle Buds, featuring adorable Chibi-style illustrations of Valorant agents, Tactifriends, and even League of Legends champions.

Each set of drawings comprises a different variant on each weapon, so you can choose which characters you want to see on your gun.

The Doodle Buds skin bundle is expected to drop on April 13, after the space-themed Endeavor bundle expires in the store.

Get an ace to fully color your Doodle Buds weapons

The Doodle Buds collection is one of the most unique collections released by Riot. It may not be as elaborate as the recent Gaia’s Vengeance line, but its vibrant, colorful, and almost whimsical design helps it stand out from the pack.

Fans may be disappointed to not see any finisher effects, but the collection more than makes up for it with unique player interactions that respond to how many kills you get, similar to the RGX 11z Pro and Champions 2021 bundles.

The skins start out with simple line drawings in black and white, but each kill colors in certain characters. You’ll need to get an ace to color the entire weapon, so here’s to hoping your aim is on point when you’ve got the skin equipped.

League of Legends fans will appreciate the third variant in particular, which sees champions like Annie, Viego, Jinx, Yorick, Ahri, and Teemo take center stage.

The bundle takes inspiration from a concept floated by Gregory “Seso” Ortiz, a Senior Designer at 100 Thieves. Seso had an idea for a Vandal featuring rough sketches of various agents, which overlapped with what Riot was already working on for Doodle Buds.

The developer invited Seso to check out the bundle, and he also helped them come up with the skin name for the collection.

The bundle features skins for the Phantom, Ares, Marshal, Stinger, and Shorty, alongside three player cards and three sprays. It will cost 6,992 VP when it is available in the store.

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