Stuffed Tactibears, bunnies, penguins, and other adorable critters have made their home in various nooks and crannies in Valorant.

Riot Games has deliberately hidden these easter eggs in different maps for players to find, and some of them even require you to turn Ghost mode on to exit the playable area and enter secret rooms.

If you’re on a hunt for every single Tactibear in the game, the Follow Me gun buddy might be just what you need. First released in the Episode 3 Act II battle pass, it is a mini compass that guides you to these assorted animals scattered around the game.

The Follow Me gun buddy helps you find all the Tactibears in Valorant

Riot has dropped cryptic hints about the Follow Me buddy in the past. “The Follow Me buddy is probably the best buddy we’ve ever put in a battle pass, so I suggest paying close attention to it,” teased Senior Producer Preeti Khanolkar when it was first announced.

The gun buddy has a red needle that moves, and you can follow it to different bears and stuffed animals hidden on various maps.

Some of the animals that players have already found include a bear tucked between the crate and basket in Hookah on Bind, another in the roof on B site on Haven, and of course, the plushies sharing a meal in the mansion on Breeze.

Valorant’s art team doesn’t even always let the map designers know where they put the bears. In a recent Reddit AMA thread, Lead Environment Artist George Sokol said that he has been “spooked by a few Tactibears creeping on him unexpectedly while working on the maps”.

These hidden plushies don’t affect gameplay, but they’re a neat way of giving players something to do besides clicking heads.

Plus, they encourage players to venture beyond the playable area of the map and take in the entirety of what the map designers have created. If you haven’t seen what Breeze looks like from above, you’re seriously missing out.

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