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Sentinels’ star duelist Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has made clear yet again which side he’s on in Valorant’s never-ending Phantom versus Vandal debate.

“Phantom is the best gun in the game,” said TenZ unequivocally, after clutching a 1v2 situation on Ascent. “It didn’t even matter if the Jett had head armor or not, because the Phantom one-hits at close range.”

While some swear by the Vandal because of its ability to one-tap opponents at any range – and the fact that headshots with the gun just feel far more satisfying – the Phantom arguably has better stats overall.

Why TenZ thinks the Phantom is the best gun in the game

This isn’t the first time that TenZ has weighed in on the issue. The Sentinels player previously went into detail about why the Phantom has the edge over the Vandal.

“The Phantom has a bigger clip, easier spray pattern, one-hits the head at close range, and one-hits medium armor at basically all ranges,” said TenZ at the time. “There’s just so many more reasons I think the Phantom is better, including its suppressor and better fire rate.”

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Overall, the Phantom can be thought of as the more well-rounded weapon because of its more forgiving recoil and faster reset. This means it regains accuracy quicker when firing in quick bursts, or if you’re missing your shots.

Its tracers are also not visible, so you can fire through smokes without your opponents knowing where you are.

If you’re not confident about landing those crisp headshots, the Phantom may be a better pick. It’s also far better at spray transfers, allowing you to more easily take on multiple enemies at once.

On top of that, the Phantom has superior first bullet accuracy to the Vandal, so it feels more reliable.

The Phantom also has a higher DPS in close- to mid-range engagements due to its higher fire rate, which makes it a good fit for players who like to get up close and personal. So if you’re playing a controller agent like Viper that tends to hold close angles, you almost certainly want to pick it up.

Similarly, if you’re on Jett and are constantly dashing onto site to take close-range fights, the Phantom could give you the upper hand in those scenarios.

But what about the Vandal? Is it ever better than the Phantom in any scenario?

“The only thing the Vandal can do is like one-tap,” said TenZ. However, anyone who has hit a headshot for 140 damage and then lost to an opponent using a Vandal can attest to why the Phantom versus Vandal debate will never be put to rest.

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