ONE Esports was invited to try out Valorant’s newest map, Breeze, and we’ve been testing it thoroughly for the past week.

After playing multiple games with different players, we’ve determined the five agents that should excel in Breeze’s open spaces, narrow entry points, and new points of contention.

Duelist – Jett

Jett is the perfect duelist for Breeze because it is an Operator-centric map, and Jett excels as the team’s Op user. A Site, A Halls, Mid, and B Site are spots perfect for an Operator user.

Jett can also use her Cloudbursts to create quick cover for herself if she’s being pushed out of her position. She could use her Updraft to get a better vantage point with her Operator. Her Tailwind can also save her from dangerous positions.

Jett is an agent that can create plays for herself around the map. Considering Breeze is such an open map, she can also use her Tailwind to push behind enemy lines at the start of the round for a quick flank play.

Controller – Astra

The main reason you should pick Astra as your smoke agent on Breeze is because of the range of her Astral Form. She can basically drop her Astral Stars anywhere on the map, regardless of how far she is from them.

On defense, she can delay pushes that could buy time for her teammates to rotate to where the attackers are. And, on offense, she can help clear corners for her team with her Gravity Well or Nova Pulse.

Astra’s only weakness is her ultimate, which doesn’t really give her team a clear advantage when used on this map.

Initiator – Skye

While Sova is a great pick for Breeze, we believe Skye will be more valuable to the team because of her ability kit. She can use her Guiding Light hawk over the map which not only flashes the enemy team, but will give away their locations as well.

Skye’s Trailblazer ability is also perfect for clearing close corners and stunning the enemy team for a quick pick off. She can, likewise, heal damaged allies on the battlefield, along with using her Seekers ultimate to track down the enemy team’s whereabouts.

Sentinel – Cypher

Sage and Killjoy are viable picks for Breeze, but Cypher’s ability to leave his Trapwires and Spycam anywhere on the map is highly valuable. With how the spike sites are designed, he can also slip in and out of defensive locations whenever he needs to by using his Cyber Cage.

Neutralizing flank plays from attacks and defenders will be pivotal in Breeze. Out of all the Sentinels in the game, Cypher is best equipped to gather information against the enemy team that doesn’t expose him to danger.

Controller – Viper

Yup, you read that correctly. Viper will be a valuable member to any team composition on Breeze. 

As a defender, her Toxic Screen wall will be a nightmare to deal with for attackers. Since both A and B sites have narrow entry points, she can angle the wall to block the attackers’ vision. If they decide to push through the wall, they will take decay damage, and it will only take a few shots to eliminate them from the round. She can also slow down the enemy team’s forced pushes with her Snake Bite molly.

On offense, she can block the defenders’ lines of sight from these narrow entry points and help her team get into the site. Aside from this, she can clear corners with her Snake Bite. Her Viper’s Pit ultimate is also perfect for locking down one part of the map. The ultimate will discourage the enemy team from entering the site, or it can be used for post-plant situations, turning Breeze’s openness into a close-quarters encounter.

For a complete breakdown of Breeze, which includes a full map demo, ideal places to plant, and an agent deep dive, check out our analysis video here.

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