Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has been climbing the North American Valorant leaderboard, dominating his ranked lobbies on French weapons expert Chamber.

According to Sentinels TenZ, Chamber is the ultimate agent to use if you want to rank up in Valorant.

“I think it’s impossible not to top frag as Chamber,” he said. “His kit is just made for killing people. You just get picks constantly. The pressure you do with the Operator and the amount of aggro plays you can make is just disgusting.”

While TenZ possesses lightning-fast reflexes and precise aim that most of us can only dream of, the 21-year-old shared a neat trick that anyone looking to master Valorant’s teleporting sentinel can use to switch from their primary weapon to Headhunter pistol quicker.

This is how Sentinels TenZ swaps to his Headhunter pistol more quickly

Sentinels TenZ Valorant Champions 2021
Credit: Riot Games

Players must first change their default keybinds. To begin, assign the first agent ability to your side mouse buttons. This will free up your Q key, allowing you to bind it to the “last weapon switched” function in your settings.

With the new settings in place, players must then equip Chamber’s Headhunter pistol, then switch to their primary weapon.

When you feel the need to switch to Chamber’s Headhunter pistol, just press Q to quick swap to it. This is perfect for situations where you run out of bullets, or if you need to take a follow-up shot after using an Operator, a slow-firing weapon that has a long delay between shots.

Mechanically talented players can do a lot of damage in Valorant, and Chamber can allow these players to maximize pressure on the enemy.

“You can shoot this so quick,” TenZ said, while demonstrating how to quick swap between weapons. “That is instantaneous.”

TenZ has previously described Chamber as the best sentinel in the game, because of his instant-escape Rendezvous teleporters, Headhunter pistol, and speedy Tour De Force sniper rifle.

Despite being nerfed in Valorant patch 4.09, he is still the most-used agent in the VCT Stage 2 EMEA, North America, and Korea group stages, a testament to how much teams value his kit in competitive play.

Before the nerf, TenZ had even said that he wished his team wanted him to play Chamber in their official matches.

Unfortunately, Sentinels have since fallen out of playoffs contention, after going 0-4 in the VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers group stage.

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