Jake “Boaster” Howlett is the brain behind a retooled Fnatic roster that looks scarier than ever. Fnatic Boaster led his team to a flawless 5-0 run in the VCT EMEA Stage 1 Challengers group stage, making them the only roster to enjoy a perfect record.

Now in the upper bracket final of the playoffs, Fnatic remains undefeated after a win over M3C (formerly Gambit Esports).

The British in-game leader picked up a crucial clutch against M3C on Fracture, where his win in a seemingly impossible 1v4 situation helped Fnatic find a way back into the game.

Fnatic Boaster clutches an insane 1v4 against M3C

The round started off in M3C’s favor, after Nikita “d3ffo” Sudakov found an early pick on James “Mistic” Orfila. Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev managed to secure an equalizer kill with Raze’s Showstopper ultimate, but M3C still managed to pick off three more Fnatic members.

By this point, Boaster had already planted the spike and deployed his Viper’s Pit ultimate, but he was left in a 1v4 situation against M3C. With the four M3C members collapsing on A site, Boaster knew he had to make first contact.

As Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov fired through the Viper’s Pit in an attempt to find Boaster, the tracers from his Vandal gave his position away, allowing Boaster to return fire and secure the kill. He then repositioned to ground level, where the sound of more M3C players on stairs prompted him to fire in their direction to pick up two more kills.

Running out of ammunition, the Fnatic IGL then switched to his classic, flicking to Bogdan “Sheydos” Naumov to take him down in style.

Boaster had a slight advantage playing in his Viper’s Pit because he was using a Phantom, which has invisible tracers. In comparison, all four M3C players were equipped with Vandals, and the tracers on two players ended up revealing their locations.

If the 26-year-old had been using a Vandal as well, M3C would have been able to close in on his position far more easily.

Fnatic ended up taking the series 2-1 over M3C, making them the first team to qualify for Masters Reykjavík in April. They will play their seeding match against FunPlus Phoenix on March 25.

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