Communication is one of the keys to success in Valorant. This is why knowing callouts and locations on Fracture, Valorant’s new map, is very important.

Fracture, new Valorant map, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

With Fracture’s peculiar H-shape layout, new-fashioned spawns, and unique spike sites, players may find it difficult to navigate when they get on the map.

Attackers have plenty of spaces to push, while defenders immediately find themselves surrounded at the start of each round. This is why making the right callouts could be the deciding factor in winning or losing rounds.

Here are all the callouts and locations on Valorant’s Fracture

Attacker Side Spawn
Attacker Side Bridge
Credit: Riot Games
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea
Defender Side Spawn
A Side
A Gate
A Dish
A Drop
A Link
A Site
A Rope
A Main
A Door
A Hall
B Side
B Bench
B Arcade
B Link
B Tower
B Generator
B Canteen
B Main
B Tunnel
B Tree

Players should familiarize themselves with these locations and callouts to give their teammates the necessary information about what is happening on the map.

Fracture, new Valorant map, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

It should also be important to note that calls could vary depending on popularity. The Valorant community often changes certain callouts just to make it easier to understand for everybody, similar to naming high ground ‘heaven’ and whatever is underneath it ‘hell’.

Fracture, will be released alongside patch 3.05 which is now just a few days away.

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