Team Liquid has finally qualified for the main event of the Valorant Challengers Tour, beating Ninjas in Pyjamas in their final match with a 2-1 score. This is the first time Team Liquid has qualified for the Valorant Challengers Tour main event, after missing out in Stage 1. 

However, they almost didn’t make it after Ninjas in Pyjamas’ Sova player, Jady, pulled out some trickshots on Haven that caught Liquid by surprise. Who taught Jady those trickshots? None other than Team Liquid’s own streamer, and devout Sova specialist, Average Jonas.

NiP actually won Haven, finishing the game with one of Average Jonas’s signature trickshots that Jady used to destroy Kryptix’s lockdown.

As Jonas had taught Jady the lineup, he was teased on stream for nearly costing Liquid the series, and their slot to the Stage 2 Main Event. 

“Why did you have to do that @Jadyleet now everyone is angry at me,” tweeted Jonas, as fans and his fellow Valorant EU casters joked about how he betrayed his own team.

Screenshot by Mika Fabella/ONE Esports

NiP and Team Liquid even got in on the pepega meme action and “pepe-gized” their Twitter profile photos during the match. 

Catch the main event with Liquid and the rest of the Valorant EU qualified teams this weekend on Twitch

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