Before First Strike EU came to a close, streamer and YouTube content creator Jonas “AverageJonas” Navarsete took to the stage to sing his very own parody rendition of Amazing Grace entitled “Amazing Darts” as an ode to Sova.

A Sova main himself, AverageJonas’ Twitch page states that he might even have taken “a Geometry degree to improve his Sova arrows”. On top of that, the 31-year old is also a professional opera singer from Sogndal, Norway who does sing-alongs during his Valorant livestreams.

No wonder he was chosen to sing this number!

Before AverageJonas began his beautiful serenade, Sova’s artwork was splashed across the studio’s LED screens. Next thing we know, a life-like 3D version of his model appeared next to AverageJonas himself.

For those who would like to sing-along to Amazing Darts, here are the complete lyrics:

Amazing Darts
How sweet they sound
When raining down from the sky
You planted staring at the ground
And for that you deserve to die

The owl is my only trusted friend
Taking flight and die early
The hunter needs a helping hand
So his enemies will be dead

My abilities give me control
Through walls I always kill
I live for the hunter’s heart and soul
Till the end I always will
Till the end I always will

For reference and comparison, this is Pentatonix’s presentation of the original Amazing Grace song.

Are you inspired to perfect your Sova arrows yet?

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