There’s a reason why Lapu-Lapu is called Courageous Blade in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Based on a Filipino historical figure, the hero has one of the most unique skill sets in the Land of Dawn. He can dish out massive damage on a single target and have a completely new set of skills after casting his ultimate, Bravest Fighter.

Since he is a difficult hero to pull off, only a few players play him in ranked. When you run up against the hero in the EXP lane, expect one hell of a fight in the first 10 minutes.

If you are facing the Courageous Blade for the first time, here are three heroes that do well against him.

3 Mobile Legends heroes that will give Lapu-Lapu a hard time


Chou Go Ballistic skin wallpaper
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The bane of every fighter hero, Chou has all the skills to avoid and outplay skill-shot-dependent heroes in a 1v1. His Jeet Kune Do can dodge most of Lapu-Lapu’s onslaught, and even cancel his crowd controls with Shunpo.

While some go for offensive items on Chou, it’s best to go for a defensive build if you are playing in the EXP lane. Chou is more of a team fight initiator rather than a killer, and having no defensive items in the mid to late game will prevent him from going into the middle of a team fight to activate his Jeet Kune Do-Way of the Dragon combo.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang collector skin, Death Oath Benedetta
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Another nimble hero, an experienced Benedetta will have no problem facing an experienced Lapu-Lapu in the EXP lane. She can dodge every skill thrown at her thanks to her passive, Elapsed Daytime, which lets her dash with each basic attack.

She can also block any crowd control with An Eye for an Eye, a skill that works wonders against Lapu’s Land shaker skill. Up against the Courageous Blade, you want to go for Bloodlust Axe for the extra sustain, since you’ll be skirmishing a lot with Lapu-Lapu in the laning phase.

The secret to succeeding with Benedetta is baiting all of his skills before going for the kill with Alecto: Final Blow.

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When in doubt, pick Esmeralda.

The hero counters almost all melee heroes because of her ability to absorb shields and thrive in extended fights. She also has a reliable gap closer and crowd control with Falling Starmoon.

Build Warrior Boots first for the physical damage reduction boots before building Enchanted Talisman and Dominance Ice. You can also go for Bruteforce Breastplate if Lapu-Lapu gets ahead in the laning phase. Otherwise, build Ice Queen Wand for the magic damage and slow effect.

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