RSG MY displayed quality Mobile Legends last weekend, defeating Todak 4-2 in the grand final to become the MPL MY Season 7 champion.

In their first season in the MPL, RSG MY had an incredible playoffs run, propelling themselves to the top.

RSG MY levelled up in the MPL MY Season 7 playoffs

RSG MY was formed just before MPL MY Season 7 started, and recruited veteran players such as Syno, Zaraki, Rush, and Logan. Out of all of them, Leixia stood out the most.

The first three weeks of the regular season was difficult for RSG MY. They slumped to the bottom of the table after taking hard felt losses. The moment they combined the three key pillars of Lolealz, Izanami, and Zacus however, their fate changed.

Together with Kaizer and Leixia on the main roster, RSG’s performance improved so much that they qualified to the upper bracket of the playoffs.

MPL MY Season 7 top teams fell at the hands of RSG MY

No one expected RSG MY to pull off such an incredible run in the playoffs. In their opening best-of-three match in the upper bracket, they made a statement by taking down defending champions Todak 2-1.

Meeting another league leader of the regular season, RSG MY went on to sweep Suhaz EVOS 2-0 in the semifinals.

MPL MY Season 7 playoffs bracket
Credit: Moonton

Finally, in the grand final, RSG MY met Todak again, and were trailing 0-2 in the best-of-seven series before clawing back for a 4-2 victory.

Leixia and Lolealz shone in the final series against Todak

In the grand final match, Leixia and the squad proved that hard work pays off, for together, they upset the MPL MY Season 6 defending champions, Todak.

Leixia may even be considered the new Lancelot king after KarlTzy. On this hero, Leixia really shone, and was able to single-handedly carry his team.

Teammate Lolealz, a side laner, also played aggressively well on Harith. A flexible player, he’s also shown to be able to execute on marksmen and other mages in the side lane. For his performance in the MPL MY Season 7 playoffs, he was awarded the MVP.

MPL MY Season 7 playoffs MVP Lolealz
Credit: Moonton

“He played well, controlling the game, and made an important move to initiate and win a team fight,” wrote MPL MY’s official Facebook post.

RSG MY and Todak will represent Malaysia at MSC 2021 which starts in June.

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