To celebrate the 515 Eparty event, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is releasing an exclusive Fashion Expert Harith skin which will be made available for free to all players.

The skin, which was teased a year ago, features Harith wearing a futuristic violet and cyan outfit that’s straight out of an 8-bit video game.

Fashion Expert Harith’s new animated abilities

For his abilities, Synchro Fusion now summons two versions of himself that explodes into pixels upon impact.

He also leaves a blue pixel trail every time he uses Chrono Dash. As for Zaman Force, he now summons a holographic key on the ground, similar to a retro spaceship found in classic arcade games.

Fashion Expert Harith’s basic attacks have also been reworked to fit the arcade theme of the skin. He now throws a bright blue ball of energy towards his enemies, which leaves a pixel-y trail. It’s subtle, but it definitely complements the skin well

How to get the skin for free during the 515 Eparty event

According to Moonton’s announcement, Fashion Expert Harith will be available through a special 515 Eparty event called “Party Star.”

While no details have been released, based on previous events, it’s likely that players will need to partake in daily tasks to earn tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for the skin and other rewards.

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