Lancelot is one of the most versatile assassins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He has the ability to go in and out of a team fight, to evade enemy abilities, and even burst down the tankiest of heroes with the right build.

Recently, he’s seen a rise in popularity after Bren Esports’ KarlTzy showed everyone how powerful he is, even scoring the only savage of the M2 World Championships against 10s Gaming Frost.

However, he’s not impossible to deal with. Here are some heroes you can choose if you end up playing against him in your ranked games.

3. Silvanna

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Silvanna
Credit: Moonton

First on our list is none other than the Imperial Knightess, Silvanna. What makes her great against Lancelot is her sustain and survivability which makes it hard for him to burst her down quickly.

Silvanna’s ultimate, Imperial Justice, also holds down Lancelot even if he uses Phantom Execution or Puncture to get outside the circle of light. With her wide array of abilities and crowd control capabilities, Silvanna has the power to outsustain and eventually kill an unsuspecting Lancelot.

2. Ruby

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Ruby
Credit: Moonton

Ruby is probably not on the priority list for many players as a counter to Lancelot, but her skill set is actually perfect against such a mobile hero as the Perfumed Knight.

Abilities such as Don’t Run, Wolf King! and I’m Offended! are perfect gap closers every time Lancelot uses Puncture or Phantom Execution. Ruby also has immense life steal and can easily restore her own HP once Lancelot uses all his abilities.

A Lancelot will have a really hard time making an impact in a team fight if there’s a Ruby on the other team, so keep this in mind every time an enemy locks him in your ranked games.

1. Chou

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Chou
Credit: Moonton

While Lancelot is a versatile assassin, Chou is a versatile fighter. A good Chou player can counter almost any hero that the Land of Dawn has to offer.

When it comes to Lancelot specifically, Chou has a few abilities up his sleeve that can annoy any Lancelot players. The Perfumed Knight is a very squishy hero, and one combo of Jeet Kune Do and The Way of Dragon usually gets the job done.

Plus, A good Chou can outmaneuver Lancelot’s abilities with ease and even fight back when all of Lancelot’s skill are on cooldown. Chou is a hard match against any squishy heroes, so he’s always a good pick if you see a Lancelot on the opposing team.

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