Orange Esports finished the MPL Malaysia S7 regular season with a 7-match win streak that was snapped by Suhaz EVOS in their last series. Nonetheless, it was obvious that the team improved a lot over the last few weeks.

Having experienced difficulties at the start of the season, Orange Esports finally got into the groove with the new two support “Nice one, Baby” meta.

In their seventh straight win of the season, they defeated Geek Fam 2-1 over the weekend.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes, Rafaela, Angela, and Diggie
Credit: Moonton

During that series, Aim, who in fact is a mage support, went to the gold lane. This means that Orange Esports very often chooses to put a mage in the side lane instead of mid — something no other team consistently does.

It leaves the two supports in the mid lane, played by Mali and Kuja, while Mom takes the role of the jungler.

The former Red Esports player has been very effective in his role. He is the only player in all regional MPLs who has dared to pull out Alucard as a hypercarry.

So far, Mom has used Alucard twice this season, both of which ended in victory.

Mom played Alucard for the first time against RSG MY, surprising everyone with his effective playstyle. Moreover, Mom’s Alucard was supported by Angela, which gave him more leeway to make risky plays, finishing with a 13/3/6 KDA.

That wasn’t the last we saw of Mom’s Alucard. He returned to this hero in the third game against Geek Fam, where he successfully snowballed the game right from the start, and achieved his first Maniac of the season.

Orange Esports finished the MPL MY Season 7 regular season in second place in Group A, confirming their upper bracket playoffs slot.

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