Burn X Flash successfully defended their crown in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Cambodia Spring 2023 (MPL KH Spring 2023) grand final with a resounding 4-1 victory over CFU Gaming.

This achievement also marked the first back-to-back championship win by any team in Cambodia, following their MPL KH Autumn 2022 win a year ago.

After losing to See You Soon in the upper bracket semifinal, they had to fight their way through the lower bracket where they eliminated PRO Esports and earned a chance to face See You Soon again.

In their second meeting, they were finally able to overcame their opponents to secure a place in the grand final against CFU Gaming.

Filipino import Donut and veteran ATM were the keys to victory for Burn X Flash in the MPL KH Spring 2023 grand final

MPL KH Spring 2023 champion, Burn x Flash
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Burn X Flash won the first two games thanks to the impressive performances of Mariusz “Donut” Tan on Claude in game one and Sour “Celichma” Mara’s tank Lancelot in game two.

In game three, CFU Gaming drafted a defensive lineup consisting of Faramis, Grock, and Akai, along with a Beatrix to counter Burn X Flash’s tank Lancelot and Claude combo.

This strategy proved to be successful as they dominated the game, securing a lopsided 20-7 kill score to keep the series competitive.

In game four, CFU was on the verge of securing another win with a substantial lead in the mid-game after securing an Enhanced Lord at the 16-minute mark.

However, Kosal “ATM” Piseth’s Joy and Donut’s Beatrix prevented CFU’s escape in the Lord pit, which resulted in a double kill that led leading to a wipeout.

With only one CFU player remaining, Burn X Flash pushed into the bot lane and secured the match point.

In game five, Burn X Flash stuck with the same lineup of Joy and Beatrix, while CFU drafted two initiators — Grock and Lolita — to counter Burn’s mobile lineup.

Despite flashes of brilliance from CFU in the mid game, the Joy-Beatrix combo proved too much, tearing down CFU’s defenses.

MSC 2023 Cambodia venue
Credit: Moonton

Burn X Flash secured their victory with a wipeout at the 16-minute mark, clinching the grand final win.

With this win, Burn X Flash not only takes home the lion’s share of the US$40,000 prize pool but also earned the opportunity to represent Cambodia in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023) on home soil in June.

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