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Aamon is as deadly as his brother Gusion in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possessing the ability to kill enemies in an instant.

But unlike Gusion who relies on his complex combo, he can burst down his target in a blink of an eye with his ultimate skill, Endless Shards.

Invisible Armor, his passive, enables him to enter camouflage or conceal state, during which he can’t be targeted, restores HP, gains extra movement speed, and enhances his basic attacks.

Soul Shards and Slayer Shards inflict heavy magic damage while easily activating his passive ability.

However, he is highly susceptible to heroes who have strong ground-targeted spells and crowd controls. These are the heroes who do just that.

Three counters to Aamon in Mobile Legends


Ruby boasts low-cooldown crowd control with AOE, making her one of the strongest heroes to counter Aamon. She can also fight him head-on due to her tremendous spell vamp along with physical and magic defense gained through her passive.

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Even if he is in camouflage stage, you can control him with Don’t run, Wolf King! and Be good! You can also initiate using I’m offended! and pair it with Flicker to pull him further, or use the ultimate to deny his escape attempt.

Whether you’re playing as an EXP laner or roamer, you need to buy Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor, so you won’t be easily killed by his ultimate.

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Lunox doesn’t only have great ground-targeted skills, she can also dodge Aamon’s Endless Shards through her Power of Order: Brilliance.

Always keep a point on Power of Order so that when he targets you with his ultimate, you can trigger Brilliance and completely evade it.

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After that, use Chaos Assault to activate Power of Chaos and slow him down with Cosmic Fission. Cast Darkening to dash near him and slow him further, then unleash Chaos Assault repeatedly to take him down.

Purchase Winter Truncheon so you can still avoid Endless Shards whenever Brilliance is unavailable.


Last but not least is Paquito. He can still land his powerful punches against Aamon even if he is concealed.

As much as possible, fully stack Champ Stance first before going into a fight, so you can release a devastating combo.

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Hit him with the enhanced Knockout Strike then follow it up with Jab, Heavy Left Punch, Knockout Strike, and another round of enhanced Knockout Strike. You can also do other variations depending on your preference.

After buying damage and cooldown reduction items like Hunter Strike, Bloodlust Axe, and Malefic Roar, consider getting Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor to repel Aamon’s magic damage.

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