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Xavier, the Defier of Light, is a long-ranged artillery mage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

He deals massive magic damage from afar and can burst down anyone with a single combo in the late game.

He is very fun to play, especially if you get a good grasp of his global ultimate, Dawning Light.

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Despite not having any escape skill, the mage hero is hard to catch due to his long range. Laning against him is difficult, and his late-game damage output is scary.

Fret not, however, for we’ve listed three viable heroes you can use in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to counter Xavier.

3 heroes that effectively counter Xavier in Mobile Legends


What makes Lolita perfect against the Defier of Light is Guardian’s Bulwark, which can block Infinite Extension, an important skill that he uses to charge his Transcendence passive.

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Lolita also has two crowd control skills, Charge and Noumenon Blast, that stuns multiple enemies in a large area of effect.

These skills make it harder for Xavier to find good positioning to chain his combos effectively. In general, if you’re looking for a quick counter to any long-range mage hero that possesses projectile skills, Lolita is a great answer.


What makes Helcurt a formidable opponent is that he is only one of the few heroes who can silence enemies, prohibiting them from using their skills for a short period.

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This is bad news for the Defier of the Light, since he heavily relies on his skills to fight.

Helcurt’s Dark Night Falls, Shadow Transition, and Deadly Stinger combo is almost always a free kill against any squishy heroes.

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The only way to counter this as a mage hero with no mobility is to either buy Winter Truncheon, or wait for Helcurt to use it on someone else.


The Defier of Light’s skills are difficult to land, and can be challenging to play.

Fanny is the perfect hero to exploit this fact, for she can swoop in and out of a team fight with her cables, making it extremely hard for anyone to land skill shots.

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The only way to stop her is to prevent her from using her cables with a single-target stun, something that this mage lacks.

Fanny is one of the most annoying heroes to deal with, and the best thing you can do is hope that your opponent makes a mistake.

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