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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang assassin hero Helcurt is a master of stealth and darkness.

Using his ultimate, Dark Night Falls, he can greatly reduce the vision of enemies across the map, enabling him to discreetly kill his target.

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He can quickly close the gap against an opponent with Shadow Transition and instantly burst them down with Deadly Stinger.

Furthermore, he can silence enemies using his passive, Race Advantage, and Shadow Transition while his ultimate is active.

But fear not, as we have created a list of heroes you can pick to counter this pesky assassin effectively.

Three strong heroes to counter Helcurt in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Eudora possesses a potent lightning-based combo that makes quick work of squishy heroes, including Helcurt.

Begin by stunning him with Ball Lightning, then unleash Thunder’s Wrath and Forked Lightning to swiftly take him down. You can use either Hero Lock Mode or Skill Smart Targeting to ensure precise targeting.

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For even more devastating damage, consider acquiring items that boost your magic penetration and magic power, like Genius Wand, Divine Glaive, and Holy Crystal.

Furthermore, if he activates Dark Night Falls, hide in a bush or stay close to a turret. Wait for him to use up his skills before launching your deadly combo and catching him off guard.

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Hylos boasts multiple crowd-control effects that can stop Helcurt in his tracks.

When he casts his ultimate, promptly activate Ring of Punishment to impede his movement and attack speed if he tries to approach you. As soon as your vision is fully restored, use Glorious Pathway to enhance your movement speed and that of your allies, enabling you to chase him down.

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By triggering Law and Order, you can further increase your movement speed and stun him with the enhanced basic attack. Throughout the pursuit, maintain Ring of Punishment to hinder his escape.

Build physical defense items, such as Dominance Ice and Antique Cuirass, to mitigate his burst damage.


If you’re looking for a stealthier assassin to counter Helcurt, Natalia is an excellent option. She can sneak up on him, and swiftly execute him with her lethal combo.

While in conceal state, move from bush to bush in locating Helcurt. Once you spot him farming in the jungle or lane, use Hero Lock Mode to ensure you precisely target him with your assault.

Initiate with the enhanced basic attack from Assassin Instinct, inflicting substantial damage and silencing him. Finish him off with another amplified attack using The Hunt.

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To increase your chances of slaying Helcurt with your combo, buy Blade of the Heptaseas, Malefic Roar, and Blade of Despair. These items will enhance your damage output.

If he manages to close in on you, use Smoke Bomb to evade his basic attacks and slow him down. Then, use Claw Dash to flee, allowing you to regroup and plan your next move.

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