Yin, the Martial Genius, is the newest fighter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Known for his very unique skillset where he’s able to switch between his human form and Lieh, Yin is a hero you really don’t want to face in a 1v1 situation.

The Martial Genius has a very interesting ultimate called My Turn, where he’ll pull an enemy into a separate battlefield to fight a tougher version of him. The only way to escape is to either kill him or be killed.

Having a hard time against the Martial Genius? Here are three heroes that stand a chance against him in your classic or ranked Mobile Legends: Bang Bang games.

Top 3 Yin counters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Zhask
Credit: Moonton

Zhask has fallen off the meta even though he received a powerful buff on patch 1.5.96. But make no mistake, he is the only mage hero who can survive Yin’s ultimate, My Turn.

Once Zhask hits level four, he can out damage any fighter hero, especially Yin. Zhask’s ultimate, Dominator’s Descent, also deals a ton of damage, and the only way to render it useless is to move away and wait for it to end.

If you’re using the Martial Genius, chances are you don’t want to cast your ultimate on Zhask, as it’s almost a guaranteed slaughter on your end.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Sun
Credit: Moonton

Yin can only pull one enemy inside his ultimate. When facing Sun, however, the Monkey King can immediately turn an intense 1v1 situation into a lopsided 3v1 situation. That’s because Sun can bring all his doppelgangers into Yin’s domain.

Sun’s skillset also makes him stronger the longer the fight is, thanks to his passive Simian God, which decreases the enemy’s physical defense when they take damage from Sun and his doppelgangers. Pick Sun if you really want to make the Martial Genius regret his decision every time he casts his ultimate.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Argus wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Argus is a fighter hero you don’t want to be stuck with anywhere in the Land of Dawn.

He can transform into a more powerful version of himself with his ultimate, Eternal Evil, rendering him invulnerable for four seconds. He’ll also heal 100% of the damage dealt to him after Eternal Evil ends.

A good Argus player can bait Yin into using My Turn when his health is low, and immediately cast his ultimate right before Yin’s finishing blow. You can always expect that Argus will be the last man standing once My Turn is over.

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