Step aside X.Borg, War Axe has found its way to another deserving hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and this time, it’s an assassin.

If you have been playing Mobile Legends a lot recently, you may have noticed that Saber is getting picked or banned more often in ranked games. Don’t be surprised, for the hero is actually a lot stronger now thanks to the new item in patch 1.5.88, War Axe.

Exactly how strong is Saber right now?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Onimaru Saber
Credit: Moonton

Saber has always been a mid-tier hero ever since he was reworked. He has excellent damage in the early game, but usually falls off in the late game especially after opponents stack physical defense items.

However, the addition of War Axe has helped him overcome these shortfalls, and has made him even more dangerous in the early to mid game.

The additional physical penetration in the item synergizes well with his passive, Enemy’s Bane, which decreases physical defense after each skill or basic attack hit. War Axe also provides extra physical attack and cooldown reduction, which makes him very difficult to counter in the first 10 minutes of the game.

Moreover, Saber’s ultimate is enough to kill any squishy enemies, even at full health, once War Axe is completed.

How to play Saber utilizing the new Mobile Legends item War Axe?

There are different playstyles you can try out, but Mobile Legends content creator, Elgin, summed up perfectly the most effective way to play the Wandering Sword right now.

In his YouTube video, he stressed the importance of prioritizing War Axe above anything else. Since you’re expecting a lot of kills in the early game, Bounty Hunter is a good emblem choice.

Lastly, he recommends playing Saber in the sidelane, as you’ll be able to focus on securing early kills. In contrast, jungling takes up too much of your time in the early game, and isn’t a worthwhile investment for early game juggernauts like Saber.

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