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Aulus is a fighter hero and one of the strongest duelists in the Land of Dawn.

He has the ability to quickly move around the map with Aulus, Charge! and deal massive damage with The Power of the Axe.

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His ultimate, Undying Fury, also affects a large area, which makes him a viable initiator as well.

Fortunately, there are some heroes that you can use to stop him in his tracks. Here are three Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes that you should pick if you see Aulus on the opposing team.

Three effective counters to Aulus in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


One of his weaknesses is that he really needs to get close in order to deal damage. That’s where Valir comes in.

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The mage hero can easily pin down enemy heroes with Burst Fireball. If Aulus manages to get close in a team fight, Valir can just use Vengeance Flame to remove all crowd control effects and push him back with Searing Torrent.


The Warrior of Ferocity is also weak against burst damage heroes, especially Gusion.

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What makes the mage assassin a great choice is that besides having one of the strongest bursting capabilities, he has very high mobility.

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Hitting anyone with Sword Spike allows you to quickly move behind the enemy hero to set up his full combo. Incandescence is also a difficult skill to predict, making it hard for the Warrior of Ferocity to land a well-placed Undying Fury.


Saber remains a solid pick against most junglers no matter the meta.

Once Saber reaches level four, he can easily kill Aulus with his Orbiting Sword, Charge, and Triple Sweep Combo. The combo immobilizes the Warrior of Ferocity, making him vulnerable to your allies once the Triple Sweep’s duration is over.

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His passive, Enemy’s Bane, even reduces the physical defense, making the Warrior of Ferocity easier to kill the longer the fight.

Pick Saber if you need an easy to play hero to face off one of the strongest fighter junglers in the Land of Dawn.

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