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With his powerful gun and exceptional mobility, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang marksman hero Granger shoots down enemies in style.

Rhapsody lets him fire six bullets rapidly, and Rondo allows him to dash in a specific direction while continuously firing, ensuring constant damage output.

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He unleashes three cannon shots using his ultimate, Death Sonata, enabling him to burst down enemies from a long distance.

However, the Death Chanter is squishy, and relies heavily on Rondo to efficiently engage and disengage in combat. Consequently, he is vulnerable to heroes who possess burst damage or crowd control abilities.

Three strong counters to Granger in Mobile Legends


Khufra is a bane to heroes who depend on their dash or blink skill, like Granger, because Bouncing Ball interrupts these abilities.

Jump in with Tyrant’s Revenge, then slam him into a wall to stun. Cast Bouncing Ball and stay on top of him to prevent him from dashing.

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In case he removes your control effects using Purify, it’s best to disengage and wait for Tyrant’s Revenge to be available again.

Coordinate with your allies when you are going to initiate on him, as Khufra lacks the necessary damage to solo kill him at full HP.

Purchase physical defense items such as Antique Cuirass and Dominance Ice to greatly reduce his damage.

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Minsitthar is another hero who stops his enemies from using their movement skills, thanks to his ultimate, King’s Calling.

Start your assault against Granger by pulling him with Spear of Glory. Cast King’s Calling right away to prevent him from using Rondo.

Follow up with Shield Assault to slow him down and mitigate incoming damage. During Phalanx state, attack him by repeatedly tapping on the Basic Attack button to trigger Mark of the King’s stun effect.

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You can also open your combo with King’s Calling. Moreover, you can surprise him by using King’s Calling in combination with Flicker.

Consider buying attack speed items, such as Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff, so that Mark of the King can be activated more quickly.


If you want a quick elimination, the deadly combo of Gusion is your answer.

Execute your Shadowblade Slaughter-Sword Spike combo to deal massive damage, then repeat it after, casting Incandescence to finish him off.

For a slightly easier variation, initiate with Shadowblade Slaughter, refresh it with Incandescence, throw Shadowblade Slaughter again, then hit him with Sword Spike.

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Even if he attempts to flee using Rondo, you can still chase him down with Sword Spike.

It’s important to note that Gusion’s combos may initially be challenging to perform. However, with dedicated practice, you will gradually master them.

If Gusion is unavailable or not within your hero pool yet, pick Hayabusa or Helcurt. Additionally, if you’re proficient with Fanny, she’s a strong alternative as well.

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