Minsitthar has become an even more formidable fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang following his revamp.

Spear of Glory allows him to pull in multiple heroes. Additionally, Shield Assault slows enemies, reduces damage taken from the front, and enhances his basic attacks, which can stack with on-hit item effects.

King’s Calling is more powerful, for it disables all movement skills while his royal guards inherit equipment effects. His new passive, Mark of the King, allows him to stun his target and heal himself, which greatly synergizes with his ultimate and second skill.

There are however, still heroes that can effectively counter the upgraded Courageous Warrior. If you’re facing him in battle, consider using these heroes on our list.

3 counters to Minsitthar in Mobile Legends


Imperial Assassin Akai skin official wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Akai can instantly remove all control effects on him and knock enemies back with his ultimate, Heavy Spin. This can render Minsitthar’s ultimate ineffective.

When he casts King’s Calling, activate Heavy Spin to push him away from his royal guards. You can then pin him onto a wall or turret and let your allies burst him down.

Build Dominance Ice to weaken his healing effect and reduce his attack speed if he opts for Demon Hunter Sword, Golden Staff, or Corrosion Scythe.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Abyssal Reaper Thamuz
Credit: Moonton

Thamuz is a close combat specialist because he possesses innate tankiness and a unique skill set. He would relish the opportunity to be pulled in by Minsitthar and fight him head-on.

As soon as you get pulled by Spear of Glory, activate Cauterant Inferno. This ultimate deals massive DPS to surrounding enemies, and grants HP regen, helping you to survive throughout the duration of King’s Calling.

Always use Molten Scythes when available. Once his ultimate expires, chase him down with Chasm Trample.

Select Fighter emblem with Festival of Blood talent for spell vamp. Buy Demon Hunter Sword, Dominance Ice, and other appropriate items to negate his item build, which will help you come out on top in a 1v1 situation.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Yin M-World skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Yin is another strong fighter hero to pick against Minsitthar. His ultimate, My Turn, can remove King’s Calling once he brings him into his domain.

Wait for him to cast King’s Calling then close in using Instant Blast and trigger My Turn. To ensure that he’s your intended target, utilize the Hero Lock Mode function. Once you’re inside the domain as Lieh, pummel him with Frenzy Strike and Instant Blast.

Having the Unbending Will talent from Fighter emblem or High and Dry from Assassin emblem will give you additional damage in a 1v1 scenario.

After buying offensive items such as War Axe and Hunter Strike, you may consider purchasing Dominance Ice to gain physical defense, while reducing Minsitthar’s attack speed and HP regen.

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