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Miya is one of the most popular marksman played in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang at all ranks.

The Moonlight Archer’s abilities featuring attack speed and multi-shot buffs, a decent crowd control, and an ultimate that can be used to escape or initiate make her a favorite among gold lane players.

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There’s a big chance you will encounter her in your ranked games every now and then. Luckily, there are many counters against her and here are the best ones we’ve picked out.

Five powerful counters to Miya in Mobile Legends


As an assassin hero, Saber is strong against squishy marksmen heroes, like Miya. He has a combo that can shut down anyone instantly.

If you’re playing jungle Saber, gank her as soon as you hit level four. Communicate with your gold laner so you can take her down quickly. Having a Blade of Heptaseas and Hunter Strike, or even better, Blade of Despair, and you’ll be able to solo kill her.

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When ganking her, hide in a bush and make sure to execute your key skill combo. Cast Orbiting Swords first then use Charge to close the gap and finish her off with the Triple Sweep.

Even if she uses her Hidden Moonlight ultimate, which removes the Triple Sweep’s airborne effect, the damage will still pierce through.


Lancelot is another assassin that poses a big threat to Miya. With his multiple dashes, he can easily narrow the gap and burst her down.

Before attempting to gank her, make sure that there are minions or creeps nearby so you can dash multiple times using Puncture. Close in then hit her with Thorned Rose.

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Finish her off with Phantom Execution and basic attacks.

If she uses Hidden Moonlight, wait for her to show up, then use Puncture to chase her down.

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Lesley is a solid counter to Miya not just in the laning stage but also in the latter parts of the game. The abilities of the Deadly Sniper are simply more effective.

Poke her with the enhanced basic attack from the Master of Camouflage and Lethal Shot to force her out of the lane. Use Tactical Grenade if you get immobilized by Arrow of Eclipse.

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You can use Ultimate Snipe for poking or finishing off Miya when she has low HP. Even if she casts Hidden Moonlight to escape, the bullets will still hit her.

If the game goes late, Lesley still holds the advantage due to her sheer damage output, which has the potential to kill a squishy hero in two hits. Even if she has Wind of Nature, you can still gun her down thanks to the true damage from Lethal Shot.


What makes Kaja a strong counter to Miya is his ultimate ability, Divine Judgment. Its suppression effect can’t be removed by Hidden Moonlight.

Use Sprint or Flicker to catch her with Divine Judgment, or keep up with her when she uses her ultimate. Even in her conceal state, you can still slow her down using Ring of Order and Lightning Bomb.

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If you’re playing Kaja as a roamer, make sure to bring along an ally who provides burst damage.

Alternativelty, if you’re a mid or side laner, building Calamity Reaper, Genius Wand, and Holy Crystal will up your chances of solo-killing her.


Similar to Kaja, Franco possesses suppression effect in his ultimate, Bloody Hunt.

Pull Miya using Iron Hook then hold her down with Bloody Hunt. Once your ultimate is over, slam her with Fury Shock to deal decent damage.

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As Franco does not have enough damage to solo kill her when she has full HP, coordinate with your teammates who can instantly burst her down.

You can use the Flicker-Bloody Hunt combo to make a surprise attack, preventing her from casting Hidden Moonlight.

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