The MLBB professional leagues in Southeast Asia may have ended, but the excitement doesn’t stop with the 32nd Southeast Asian Games (32nd SEA Games) just around the corner.

From May 12 to 14, nine countries will compete in Cambodia to determine who will take home the gold medal this year.

The Philippines are aiming to secure their third consecutive gold medal in this year’s SEA Games. It won’t be an easy task, as other regions have also sent their strongest players to compete for the coveted title.

To keep you in the loop, here are all the players for each team competing in this year’s SEA Games

The full roster of every participating country at the 32nd SEA Games


32nd SEA Games PH representative
Credit: SIBOL

Team Philippines’ starting five is composed of Bren Esports players, who emerged as the winners of the Philippine qualifiers under the guidance of head coach Francis “Duckey” Glindro.

ONIC PH EXP laner Nowee “Ryota” Macasa will also serve as their sixth man.

David “FlapTzy” CanonEXP lane
Michael “KyleTzy” SaysonJungle
Angelo “Pheww” ArcangelMidlane
Marco “SUPER MARCO” RequitanoGold lane
Rowgien “Owgwen” UnigoRoam
Nowee “Ryota” MacasaEXP lane


Indonesian representatives at the Mobile Legends 32nd SEA Games
Credit: Moonton

The players of the Indonesian team were selected from the top three MPL teams in the country – ONIC Esports, EVOS Legends, and RRQ.

Led by Nicky “Kiboy” Fernando from ONIC Esports, the team will also include skilled veterans Albert “Alberttt” Iskandar, Gilang “S A N Z”, and Jabran “Branz” Wiloko.

Rizqi “Saykots” IskandarEXP lane
Albert “Alberttt” IskandarJungle
Gilang “S A N Z”Midlane
Jabran “Branz” WilokoGold lane
Nicky “Kiboy” FernandoRoam
Rachmad “DreamS” WahyudiRoam
Calvin “VYN”Roam


Malaysia's MLBB 32nd SEA Games men's team
Credit: Moonton

The Malaysian squad boasts an impressive level of diversity, with players hailing from almost every team in the region.

The team will be led by Red Giants Esports roamer Mohammad “Xorn” Noor, who will serve as the captain and provide his experience and leadership to the squad.

He will be joined by fellow MPL veterans Muhammad “RIPPO” Halim, Muhammad “Garyy” Najmi, and Muhammad “CikuGais” Fuad.

Muhammad “RIPPO” HalimEXP lane
Muhammad “Garyy” NajmiJungle
Mohammad “Izanami” LimMidlane
Muhammad “CikuGais” FuadGold lane
Mohammad “Xorn” NoorRoam
Muhammad “Chibi” NazhanJungle
Idreen “Momo” JamalEXP lane


Singapore's MLBB 32nd SEA Games men's team
Credit: Singapore Esports Association

Representing Singapore in this year’s SEA Games is RSG Slate SG, an experienced team that has won three MPL SG titles in a row.

Led by Yeo “Diablo” Lun and Bellamy “Lolsie” Yeov, the Singaporean squad hopes to improve its performance after winning a bronze medal at the 31st SEA Games.

Yeo “Diablo” LunEXP lane
Brayden “BRAYYY” TeoJungle
Amos “505” RuiMidlane
Jovan “Babycakes” HengGold lane
Bellamy “Lolsie” YeovRoam
Royven “Roy.” TanMidlane


Cambodia's MLBB 32nd SEA Games men's team
Credit: BURN X Flash

Representing the host country at the 32nd SEA Games is BURN X Flash, a team that has already proven its dominance by winning MPL KH Spring 2023.

Led by Sok “C Cat” Roth and Ty “D7” Oudom, this experienced squad is ready to take on the competition.

One notable player who will be joining them is Pich “Wightnite” Sopheak, who gained popularity after his impressive debut at MSC 2021 with Impunity KH.

Kosal “ATM” PisethEXP lane
Sok “C Cat” RothMidlane
XinggGold lane
Ty “D7” OudomRoam
Pich “Wightnite” SopheakJungle


Myanmar's MLBB 32nd SEA Games men's team
Credit: Falcon Esports

MSC 2022 and M4 reps Falcon Esports will represent Myanmar.

The team had slight adjustments going into the tournament. With Min Khant “yellowflash” Hein out of the team, Swan “Ruby DD” Aung will now be the starting EXP lane role.

Swan “Ruby DD” AungEXP lane
Pyae “Kenn” KoJungle
Pyae “JustiN” KhantMidlane
Kyaw “Zippx” BoGold lane
Min “Naomi” KoRoam


Vietnam's MLBB 32nd SEA Games men's team
Credit: VIRESA

MDH Esports is set to represent Vietnam internationally for the second time, following their M4 World Championship appearance.

However, the team will be undergoing some changes in their roster as Lê “NeedMyHelp” Minh Đức and Nguyễn “TheKing” Việt have left the team.

In their place, “Meow” Đức Nam, Fugo, Yandere, and Bier will be making their debut in a major tournament this season.

Nguyễn “Meow” Đức NamEXP lane
Nguyễn “Jowga” Văn Tô ĐôJungle
Lâm “Hehehehehehe” Văn ĐạtGold lane
Phạm “GNART” Ngọc TrạngRoam
YandereGold lane


EVO Esports MSC 2023 Laos representative
Credit: Moonton

EVO Esports has taken the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene by surprise with their recent dominant run at the MSC Mekong qualifier, securing them a spot in both the MSC 2023 and the 32nd SEA Games.

The squad is composed of fresh faces who have yet to compete in a major MLBB tournament.

Opper.EXP lane
BisTon.Gold lane


Timor-Leste's MLBB 32nd SEA Games men's team
Credit: Federação Desporto Electrónicos Timor Leste

Timor-Leste will be sending the roster of BN Chaikery Esports, the winner of the tournament in the first season of Liga Timor, a semi-pro tournament in the region.

LawliettEXP lane
ButterFlyGold lane
HasbonkoEXP lane

The 32nd Southeast Asian Games Mobile Legends event will be played live at NagaWorld 2 in Cambodia. Fans outside Cambodia can also watch the games live on MLBB’s FacebookYouTube, and TikTok.

Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament.

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