Day 6 of the Mobile Legends M2 World Championship was an absolute gauntlet for MPL PH team Bren Esports.

After defeating RRQ Hoshi 3-1 in the lower bracket final, Pheww and his crew advanced to a Grand Finals rematch against Myanmar’s Burmese Ghouls. The two last met in the upper bracket where Burmese Ghouls handed Bren a jaw-dropping 2-0 sweep.

Bren Esports meet Burmese Ghouls again in M2 grand final rematch

This time around, Bren looked more confident with their playstyle in the best-of-seven series. Still fresh from a victory, KarlTzy managed to pop off with Claude and Yi Sun-Shin in the first two games and secured the substantial lead for his team.

Burmese Ghouls finally found their competitive stride in game three, where they mainly focused on dismantling Bren’s positioning. Knowing that Bren prioritized map objectives like Turtle, ACE and his squad baited the entire team for a full-force attack that only left Ribo’s Kagura standing.

After a hopeful win, BG continued to dominate with its double-marksman set-up of YSS and Claude. Despite KarlTzy having a standout game four with Lancelot, Bren could not counter YSS’s scouting Mountain Shocker while Dee’s Claude was able to wreck their back-line with a simple Blazing Duet.

After tying up the scoreboard at 2-2, the MPL MM team continued to upset Bren with better overall teamwork. While most of the games were close, Burmese Ghouls always had a plan that would thwart Bren’s favorable draft.

Drafting a questionable Akai, the Panda Warrior’s Hurricane Dance eventually became an instant highlight when he landed on both the Tzy brothers and ushered in the third win of Burmese Ghouls.

With their backs against the wall, Bren Esports put all their hopes on drafting a heavy chase-down composition of Brody, Benedetta, and Chou. Though KarlTzy might be more known for his assassin skills, his Brody was an absolute killer in the mid lane.

Instead of the usual full-damage build, Karl went for a tank-heavy itemization with Immortality, Athena’s Shield, and Antique Cuirass to stay alive in sustained engages.

Down to the final seventh game of the series, Bren Esports gave Burmese Ghouls a taste of their own medicine by drafting two marksmen in KarlTzy’s comfort pick of Claude and Ribo’s surprise draft of Harith.

Even though Burmese Ghouls were catching kills all over the map, the team fell behind in gold due to Bren’s stronger lane control with the two marksmen. By the 12-minute mark, KarlTzy and Ribo became the backbone of offensive efforts, taking down almost the entire BG squad with a Blazing Duet/Zaman Force wombo-combo.

Forcing Burmese Ghouls onto their back foot, Bren Esports went for one final siege with a Lord. As the teams started to engage inside the base, KarlTzy, Lusty, and Pheww caught Dee’s Lapu Lapu trying to flank and easily grabbed the 3v5 advantage. Continuing the final push with two well and alive marksmen, Bren Esport overpowered lone defender KID and finally claimed the championship series.

With the victory, Bren Esports etches their name in history as the first Filipino champions of the Mobile Legends World Championship and takes home a major share of the US$300,000 prize pool. Hypercarry KarlTzy also became the Finals MVP for his standout hypercarry efforts and earned himself a US$3,000 cash prize.

In the post-game interview, the Bren squad shared their thoughts on the whole experience of finally becoming world champions.

“Winning M2 is such a big thing for me,” said KarlTzy. “Ever since I joined the pro scene, I always wanted to be the best in the world.”

With such a nailbiter of a series, FlapTzy explained that Burmese Ghouls were always banning and bringing out the same picks as Bren.

“The hardest part about facing Burmese Ghouls in the finals was the draft,” said FlapTzy. “The drafts were always the same so we needed to step up and take charge. What we did was gamble and gamble until we won.”

Coach Duckey also came out to address the Burmese Ghouls fanbase with a heartwarming message after such an intense final.

“The last few days have been rough between the Filipino fans and the Myanmar/Burmese fans,” stated Duckey. “I just want to let you know that we’re all on good terms with these teams. In fact, we actually exchanged jerseys with them and I believe that they are really nice guys so I hope that both fanbases find it in their hearts to make it so that we show love to each other.”

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