Updated on May 14, 6:08 p.m. (GMT+8): Updated scores.

The 32nd Southeast Asian Games (32nd SEA Games) in Cambodia will bring together the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players in the region where MLBB is on top.

It is the third time the game has been included as a competitive title in the SEA Games, with the Philippines dominating the scene in the last two years. Indonesia follows closely behind with two silver medals.

The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Timor-Leste, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia will be competing this time around, either through a qualifying tournament or a selection.

What is the 32nd SEA Games?

32nd SEA Games and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang logo
Credit: Moonton

The 2023 Southeast Asian Games (31st SEA Games), is a biennial multi-sporting event with 11 countries in the region as participants.

Cambodia is the host nation for the event this year, which will feature a mix of both traditional sports and esports titles. This is the third year since esports was included in the event.

32nd SEA Games format

There will be nine competing teams in the tournament.

The games will be played in a single-elimination format. The group stage will take place from May 12 to 13 in a best-of-one series.

The top two teams in each bracket will then proceed to the next round and fight it out in a best-of-three showdown on May 14. The winner will then face off in the grand final in a best-of-seven afterward.

32nd SEA Games schedule

Team SIBOL's Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team, representing the Philippines at the 31st SEA Games
Credit: SEA Games

The women’s division playoffs take place from May 10 to 11. The men’s division is from May 12 to 14.

May 12 (Friday)

Philippines1 — 0Laos
Vietnam1 — 0Timor-Leste
Indonesia0 — 1Cambodia
Myanmar1 — 0Singapore
Malaysia1 — 0Philippines
Laos0 — 1Vietnam
Myanmar1 — 0Indonesia
Cambodia1 — 0Singapore
Timor-Leste0 — 1Malaysia
Philippines1 — 0Vietnam

May 13 (Saturday)

Cambodia0 — 1Myanmar
Vietnam0 — 1Malaysia
Laos1 — 0Timor-Leste
Singapore0 — 1Indonesia
Timor-Leste0 — 1Philippines
Malaysia1 — 0Laos


Malaysia2 — 1Cambodia
Myanmar1 — 2Philippines

May 14 (Sunday)

Cambodia0 — 2Myanmar
Malaysia0 — 3Philippines

The Philippines wins gold medal!

Malaysia settles for silver, while Myanmar takes bronze.

Participating regions at the 32nd SEA Games

The PhilippinesPhilippines qualifier
IndonesiaIndonesian selection
CambodiaCambodia selection
LaosLaos qualifier
MalaysiaMalaysia selection
MyanmarMyanmar selection
SingaporeSingapore selection
Timor LesteTimor-Leste selection
VietnamVietnam qualifier

Where to watch?

Vietnam's League of Legends team winning at the 31st SEA Games
Credit: ONE Esports

All the games will be live-streamed on MLBB’s YouTube channel.

Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for more MLBB news and updates.

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