There is a new meta unfolding in Valorant where players choose to quick scope using the Operator and Marshal.

The new feature was discovered after patch 3.01, which allows you to reduce your scope aim speed by half a second. This in turn enables you to hit quicker Operator and Marshal shots just by changing your settings.

What is quick scoping?

First-person shooters have always been about who can shoot their opponents faster with superior accuracy.

Sniping in Valorant was always focused on accuracy. Since the Operator and Marshal are single-fire weapons that shoot slow, you can’t pray-and-spray with these weapons.

But with quick scoping, here’s where you can try to get as many shots as you can in rapid succession. This will also help you defend your position easier because you won’t have to fall back after missing the initial shot. If your accuracy can keep up with the scope aim speed, you’re going to destroy your opponents on the server.

How do you quick scope in Valorant?

Go to your settings under controls and equipment, then change your sniper rifle aim to hold instead of toggle. This will require you to hold down your right mouse button when you scope.

Credit: Shroud

We’ve listed down three of the top Valorant players — Twitch streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, along with VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík champions Sentinels Tyson “TenZ” Ngo and Michael “dapr” Gulino — who demonstrated how to properly quick scope in Valorant.

Shroud shows how to entry with an Operator using quick scope

The former Counter-Strike pro showed just how much faster aiming with hold is compared to toggle. Shroud was even able to get a ridiculous quick scope entry frag while pushing mid in Split.

Sentinels Dapr unveils the ‘secret tech’

While playing a ranked match on his stream, Sentinels Dapr demolished his opponents and got an Ace on Icebox by quick scoping with a Marshal.

Sentinels Dapr also shared that quick scoping is becoming mainstream. There will be more players trying it out, unless Riot Games decides to decrease hold’s scope speed.

Sentinels TenZ is ‘more in-touch with his Operator’ with hold than toggle

Sentinels’ superstar Jett Operator player also shared that, “You’re able to control your [Operator] a lot better with hold.”

Sentinels TenZ also explained that he changed his toggle zoom level keybind to mouse wheel up because switching to hold won’t allow you to zoom in with mouse right-click anymore.

Sentinels TenZ and Shroud explained that most players who came from playing Counter-Strike are just used to having their sniper rifle aim settings on toggle.

The two have switched to using hold because they knew getting your shots off faster is key in winning aim fights in Valorant.

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